Sergei or Tarlak? Which is better for boosting damage against titans?

Hi I have a question like the topic title - I own Sergei and Tarlak and I’m wondering which one is better for raising attack against titans? I know Sergei will definitely be better against yellow titans (because -%edd) but I’m interested in all titan colours.

At the moment Tarlak seems a bit better to me because it loads faster (10 vs 13 tiles). However, I can easily make Sergei load at 11 tiles (10 tiles in the future). Tarlak, on the other hand, can also load faster with a ward (9 tiles).

I can give each of these characters full emblems and do Limit Break. Which one do you think will be better against titans and will the difference be big?

Sergei or Tarlak? Which is better for boosting damage against titans (all colours)?
  • Sergei
  • Tarlak

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Tarlak is better. Sergei needs more mana pots to reach the second charge


Sergei is much cheaper, but if you don´t care about the costs then both of them!
And of course the others, so you have one in every color for all titan colors. Yellow has also cheap options (Bertulf, Edelaide, Wu). Red has CWilbur if you get a bit lucky. Blue is the ultimate solution with Miki, but that´s a a hard one to get.

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Red has oceanus as well but hard to get.

I use sergei and tarlak against different titans just missing miki then ill have one in every colour. Dont see myself getting miki anytime soon though.

Well I didn´t list them all, just the easier to get options in each color.

I have also given up on Miki, but maybe he´ll get a costume some time then we could find the original in SE?