Seeking active players to complete our alliance! The Deadly Assassins****9* titans need you to go to 10***

Hey all,
Our alliance is The Deadly Assassins. We are 25 players currently and seeking 5 more. We are very active and communicate via Slack. We are a fun bunch and chat often. Some of us have been together for 6 months and have grown this alliance from its infancy. We recently had a merger with another alliance that approached us because of this post and it has worked out great!
We require 100% participation on titans and participation in Slack. War participation is optional but if you check the box to participate we expect you to follow the plan and use all your flags!
We have a cup requirement of 1800 but that is negotiable as long as you have 30 developed heroes for war, don’t have to be maxed just strong enough to play a strong role as clean up.
We coordinate during war and designate attack times so we control when we get the reset to maximize our points and as of late we are doing a double reset. Our lead war strategist is @ki11billy and we have really kicked butt since he took the role! He has created a great slack channel for us where we have tutorial links and information channels to help our members get better at gameplay. Our slack channel has tons of useful information about the game and many of our players can easily get onto top 100 globally which makes them a great source of info. We use slack to b.s most of the time but when it comes time to play we get serious. We help each other navigate through the game and grow their teams as well as building teams with synergy. It’s a great environment to learn.
We currently are fighting 8/9* titans daily and really are looking to get to 10 star and above. Of the 25 members only 3 are below 3200 points for their defense team and only 1 of those is below 3000. We have 5 teams over 4000 and the rest are in between. We really need 5 more players in that 3200-4000 range to make us complete and help us hopefully rise toward becoming a top 100 alliance.
If your looking for a home come join us!

We are still looking for players…please let me know if your interested. We would like to add some folks before the next war starts

Hey everyone, we are a really fun, committed group looking for fun, committed players. We have lots of resources for growing your team and learning the game. We work together in war and actively joke and chat. Our Alliance is a community. Come be a part of it.

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We are still looking and only getting stronger…come join us!

Bumpidity bump bump bump

Hi Murph,

I’m the Co-Leader of an alliance that is possibly looking to merge. We started fresh and had no requirements and currently we are taking down 7* Titans consistently. We have discussed among the alliance leaders and key players and we would like to grow more than we currently are. We would be interested in speaking with you. I won’t be available for about 5 hours, but will check forum when I get back home and hopefully we can talk about things

My Line ID is: Booga Booga, if you want to reach out before I get back.

I would like to talk for sure. I am not on line however

Ok I installed line but unsure how to search for you. I set myself up as murph if that helps

@BoogaBooga lets talk

what is the name of the alliance your in…I will come join after war so we can chat?

Just let it happen
That is our alliance name and Scott is our leader.
We have I think 27 players now but a few are new or not active.

We should have around 15 that are core group that are very active and want to move forward with growing

We have just under 15 active members right now. We are very coordinated during war and are committed to hitting Titans.

Plus, it’s a really fun group. We currently use Slack to chat and post things. We have resource channels for heroes, maps, raids, etc. We probably have 8 really active players. We work on strategies for fighting, etc., team setups, and just about everything.

I message Murph in line but have t heard back yet, so we will talk and see if we can make this happen. I think it will be beneficial for all. Like I said core group is active on/off all day and growing. Core uses titan and war flags, which is main thing we are looking for. Some focus on cups and some don’t. We have had a couple go up to #1 in raids as well

I didn’t get it booga…I will come over to your alliance and chat

I went ahead and joined your alliance

I heard…speak with killbill. I am in another alliance at the moment trying to do some recruiting and its not going so well. I checked into their war for tomorrow so I don’t want to just bail cuz that’s bad juju. bill is our war leader and is my trusted ally.

How’s it going Murph? Myself and a few other players from my alliance are looking to join an active group. We’ve been pleading with our leader to kick the inactives for quite awhile now as it’s been hurting those of us consistently attacking titans and maxing out our flags in war only to lose a war or have a titan escape because only a few of us are attacking. We were just discussing starting our own when I remembered this forum and joined it today as a way for us to be able to communicate in case our sometimes active leader decided to kick us for talking about leaving. In doing so I found this post of yours. Currently our plan was to wait til our war chest had finished but if you guys are as active as you say and going against the 6* titans we see slip away, I’m sure we would be willing to forgo waiting for our rewards in order to join and contribute to our new team.


Ok… I’m here. Now what?

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