Secret Hideout: 17 people killing 10* titans, join us so we get the 11*+ together

Hi there, we are the ’ Secret Hideout’. Basically we’re 3 small alliances that have merged recently.
After the last merger that made us 17 player team, we moved swiftly to 10* titans. Killed 2 without flasks and are now facing our 1st 11* titan. That beast is going to escape, unless we flask it to death.
That’s obviously not really sustainable.
So we’re looking for dedicated and experienced players who are looking for a new home.
Usually 14 to 15 of us are in Diamond (some of us are every now and then no 1 globally, at least for a few minutes).
Looking for active players

  • 2200 cups
  • lots of titan hits
  • all war flags or opt out

We’re chatty both in-game and on Line (required).
Also happy to welcome smaller alliances that want to merge with us. We’ll stay together though, so we won’t be interested to merge with an alliance family that would distribute us among their members.

Contact me either here or on Line (id: Lepcake), if you have questions.

I’ll contact you on line. Might have about 10 people

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