A Few Good Survivors, looking to rebuild or merge

Hi all!

We are “A Few Good Survivors” and we are looking for new players to join us or possibly a merger.

We are currently at 15 members, from 2100 cups upwards and 3700+ TP. Until recently, at full power, we were hitting 10-11* titans and we are all quite experienced players, committed both to War and Titans. We are keen to progress but also laid back and supportive of each other and we ask that you hit the titan as often as you can and use all 6 war flags if opted in.

If you have 1600+ cups and are interested, come have a look see or hit me up on discord at Tangy451#1600

Hope to see you there!


Hi Math4lyfe,
thanks for your message, I haven’t used line but will download and look you up

I can definitely vouch for the quality of this alliance. Remaining players are dedicated. Still taking down 9* Titans even with the recent retirements/departures. Alliance is open for now, so feel free to stop by to see if it might be a good fit.

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Tangy, I tried to add you on Discord at “Tangy451#1600”, but it’s telling me that doesn’t exist.

I’d be interested in joining. Please feel free to find me at Jason#0014.

Hi there

how many in your alliance?

We have a main and training alliance with space in both if you interested.

Alliances are Man Go Loco and Man Going Loco

In an alliance with 20 me bers of which 10 or so are active , can I suggest to them we join you? We are between 1700 to 2600 cups.

Have you found a merger?

@PatB, @Perdix, @Dragongirl thank you all for your interest, a solution has been found. @zephyr1, @littleKAF could you please close this thread?