Which 5* Red next? Who gets the mystic rings

Now very much a cheap to play other than POV and VIP and the occasional cheap gems offers.
So asking who you think my next 5* red should be.
It’s to add to war slots, colour stacking and offence really …
What do you think is best and why?

Anzogh is what I would do…he’s great VS Telluria. A second Grazul would be ok too, but variety trumps it in this case.


I’m going to second the first RDuke post. Anzogh would fit well with what you have. If not, two Grazuls on a team could resist back and forth and be a Resistapalooza!


I would pick Anzogh. Do you have falcon? The combo falcon, wilbur, anzogh could be ok.

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Noor & Grazul to 2.60, because you have no idea if you like using them. Then reevaluate.

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The poster has a levelled Grazul so probably has a fair idea. I take most potential fives to 70 fwiw

I’d be tempted by Elena. At the moment you stay alive but how do you win on mono?

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Cheers - yes I have Falcon and Wilbur

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