Seasonal Event Updates?

As the title suggest, I was wondering if anyone else had heard of any of the seasonal events getting a buff because, as it stands, I feel like the summer event is disproportionately overstuffed with heroes, while the other three are severely lacking.

The summer event has six heroes (Rana, Castle dude, Gafar, Yunnan, Spear Guy and Hisan).
The event that has the second most heroes is Christmas event (Santa, Buddy, MN and Rudolph).
Whilst the other two events have 3 heroes respectively (Victor, Valeria and Vlad/ The three bunnies).

With that being said, should the other events get more heroes and an update or do you think they are fine? I for one would love to see an equal number of heroes for each event with updated monsters. A Vampire queen or vampire hunter would be nice and give all the boy bunnies, female counterparts.

Tell me what you think.


No new heroes have been tested in beta for Halloween and Winter event yet. So I doubt there will be new heroes for the upcoming Halloween event. :slight_smile:


I really lol’d at “castle guy and spear dude”! Mostly because that what I call them too :joy::rofl:


As I wrote before… seasonal events won‘t get new heroes because most people play those events for the first time. As for me it will be my first RtM Event and so it has been with Christmas (started in the middle of December), Spring and Summer.

Therefor and regarding the fact that none of the events has been in beta recently, there won‘t be any changes

I agree that we won’t see any new heroes if they haven’t been in Beta. But could you please elaborate on this:

If I have understood it correctly, you’re saying that there can’t be any new heroes because a lot of players haven’t played the event only with the original heroes.
However, there will always be a lot of players who will start playing the game 10-11 months before a particular event. This will lead to a loop where no new heroes can be added because the majority of players have not played the event only with the original 3 (or 4) heroes.

There will surely come a time where the seasonal events get an update. But with the current work on the monthly events and upcoming s3 and because of the reasons i wrote earlier, seasonal events will not get new heroes

Based on the time the game exists and the small amount of players that have played RtM for example it would make no sense to add new heroes.

I really hope they update seasonal events next year. Starting the update in Springvale already. It’d nice to have equal number of heroes in each event, maybe 8 heroes just like monthly events

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