Is Spring Event 2020 going to be revamped?

So within sneak peek 2020 (Start of the Most Epic Empires Decade Yet - 2020 Sneak Peek!) we had the following:

Bigger Seasonal Events: All Seasonal Events will be updated to include new heroes and rewards. More information coming later in 2020!

Any info about how much ‘later’ is ‘later’? Is the update already starting with the Spring event or are my hopes too high?

As far as I know there is nothing yet in beta, but some redesign (rewards, new heroes) would honestly be nice.
After playing for a while, the only moderately-compelling heroes come from the Winter event.
And rewards could surely use some emblems here and there.

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The bunnies are the best.

I wouldn’t mind new bunnies in all kinds and shapes.

No new info :stuck_out_tongue:

I think SGG has Season 3 as the major priority now… If that’s fully released in February then it is likely that the bunnies will be overhauled… If S3 drags our a bit longer, it may be that the bunnies wait till next year.


Given how underwhelming the April HOTM looks right now, I’m actually far more interested in knowing if Springvale will start in late March than whether or not it will have new heroes (as that would be the last chance to get the superior March HOTM and therefor the place I’d likely look to dump my saved EHT’s).


I think it will be April, around Easter, as last year? 1 week before and one after.

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