Season 2 Missions Advice (Enemies, Bosses and Special Stages)

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Added the two new missions in. Doesn’t look to be a new special stages one. Will try to add stats on number of drones when completing levels in the coming weeks.

This is before I did any repeat levels, just after completing Atlantis on normal (on checking, I’m pleased the number of levels I added ties into my Gadeirus kills!). :wink:

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Hi folks, I’ve now played each of the levels with drones and Gadeirus 5 times and recorded drone kills. 2.25.1 wins out well above the rest here. It’s not a perfect amount of data, but think it’s good enough for me. :slight_smile:

25.1: 8 7 7 11 8 - 8.2 avg**
25.3: 3 6 6 3 4 - 4.4 avg
25.5:. 7 7 6 8 6 - 6.8 avg*
25.7: 6 6 5 8 9 - 6.8 avg*
25.9: 5 5 4 6 3 - 4.6 avg

26.1: 3 6 6 5 8 - 5.6 avg
26.3: 7 6 7 6 4 - 6 avg
26.6: 9 6 1 6 6 - 5.6 avg
26.8: 7 7 7 5 7 - 6.6 avg*

27.2: 5 5 4 5 8 - 5.4 avg
27.3: 9 6 5 6 6 - 6.4 avg
27.7: 4 6 3 5 3 - 4.2 avg
27.8: 8 8 7 5 5 - 6.6 avg*

*Runners up (around 25% fewer kills)


That agrees with @BarryWuzHere

Spreadsheet ( linky, linky)

And latest graphic ( linky, linky)


I’m lacking data on actual drone counts or total monster counts … but I’d expect 2:27/3N to be similar to 2:25-1N given that those two stages have 5 waves and the others all have only 4.

But even with the same wave count, some stages just get more monsters than others.


Is their a pattern? Like recruits being N-1, N, N+1?

But 2.27-3N has double Bosses so you immediately lose 2 drones.


Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

I forgot you did this spreadsheet, @BarryWuzHere. Think this is the first time I’ve run into you on the forum - so used to just seeing you in the Line chat. :slight_smile:

Thanks - added to first post :slight_smile:

Click for Loot tickets

Did some Wanted Monster Mission Chests with Loot tickets in 2.25-1N

15-19 monster

14-18 mobs

This would be consistent with 1 boss +2 mobs and 3 or 4 mobs for 4 waves ( 1+ 2+
12 to 1+ 2+ 16 )

Chest 1




Chest 2




( double checked 19 )




Chest 3






Chest 4







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Monsters per wave seems to vary a lot between levels. I’ve seen a few patterns, though. @Pois1 found some of them. (If I remembered which ones I’d do a better job of giving him credit :rofl: )

  • boss levels have 1-3 fixed bosses and 0-5(?) mob monsters.
  • mob levels have 3-5 monsters. I’ve seen waves that are always exactly 3 (S1 “Boss levels” where all monsters have special skills, perhaps others), waves that have 3-4, and waves that have 3-5; I’m not sure if 4-5 monster waves exist or not, but 1:7-5 is a good candidate, perhaps some quests as well.
  • I’ve seen nothing to contradict the idea that a mob mobster has a 50% chance of being either of the two for that stage, and generally run with that assumption.

All the farming data I have on monsters includes (at most) a total monster count for the level; no counts by wave, and no counts of the two possible monsters, so I’d have to collect new data to check any of this out.

4-5 Mobes

I my experience, 1.7-4 is always 4-5 mobs for waves 1-3 ( plus 2 bosses on wave 4 ).

3-5 Mobs

I knew about mob waves with 4-5 mobs, but I did not know of mob waves with 3-5 mobs.

Mobs per wave

Just like recruits having a pattern and ingredient/ ascension item number of rolls, it would seem that finding out the pattern would simplify analysis.

I got lucky with the 19 monsters for 2.25-1N, but If that stage always follows 1 Boss + 2 Mobs + 3-4 mobs x 4, then the range of 15-19 can be deduced from data without the need for large sample size.

If there is a 50% chance of 4 mobs for each wave, then the odds of me getting 19 were 1 in 16 but I could go hundreds of runs without getting the magic 19 monsters from the stage.


@FrostbiteXIII or anybody else who collects data on drone counts, I’d request you record total monster counts as well.

Gadeirus needs to be subtracted from that total but it will help confirm / reject the hypothesis that the two possible mob monsters are distributed 50/50.

Since total monster counts also vary in those stages, drone counts alone don’t properly answer that question.

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Picking on that level, here is what I know:

  • 1 boss + 2 mob (Unknown % Atlantean Drones)
  • 4x waves, presumed all equal
  • wave has 3-5 monsters, unknown % of each count, unknown % Atlantean Drones

If it Is 3/4 monsters per wave, with no 5 monster waves, your range would be correct.

If 3/4 monster waves are 50/50, average monsters per wave are 3.5, per run average being 17 monsters.

If 50% of the monsters are Atlantean Drones, average would be 8 per run, after subtracting the Gadeirus.

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Awesome, thanks.The post is useful .:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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S2:25-1 farming for Atlantean Drones and Gadeiruses:
Waves: 5 (3-4 monsters)
Monsters: 14-18 + Gadeirus
From my past experience it is not guaranteed that Corrupted Drones will appear. You can have an extremely rare run with only Atlantean Drones.
Happened to me in Special Event once where one of the monsters was not present at all.
Atlantean Drones are always guaranteed since they accompany Gadeirus EVERY time.
So you can get 2-18 Atlantean Drones in my opinion.
Maybe 2-17 if one appearance of the Corrupted Drone is default.
I will investigate this more in detail :slight_smile:

After 35 runs:
15-18 total monsters (16,34 per run)
8,83 Atlantean Drones per run
6,51 Corrupted Drones per run

Interesting fact:
1st wave has the highest chance of 4 monsters and it decreases wave after wave like this:
1st wave - 43%
2nd wave - 37%
3rd wave - 31,5%
4th wave - 23%

Out of 140 waves I got 15 all green waves and 15 all purple waves.
Excluding the 5th wave I got 239 green drones and 228 purple ones. 51,18% / 48,82%

Since I enjoy this a great deal I will continue to gather data.


Without formal statistical analysis, I’m going to revise my list for 2:25-1N based on @Pois1’s data:

  • 1 boss + 2 Atlantean Drones
  • 4x mob waves, apparently all the same.
  • wave has 3-4 monsters, ~50/50, and ~50% are Atlantean Drones

That brings the totals to 3.5 monsters per mob wave, 1.75 Atlantean drones, with a grand total of 17 monsters, 9 Atlantean Drones on an average run.

I’m very curious if 2:27-3N has the same monster pattern, because it has about double the recruits if I recall correctly, and it has the same monsters, the same boss, and the same number of waves. If so, it would be a better stage to farm for those missions. (I haven’t checked, but it should have marginally better food/iron/XP as well)

Late addition edit: doing the math for 17 monsters (14 in mob waves) the odds of getting all the same are .5^14, or one in 16k runs. So seeing exactly 2 or exactly 18 Atlantean Drones is VERY unlikely, but if lots of players are farming for that mission, it probably will happen a few times, since way more runs than that are going to take place. Odds taking into account the range of 12-16 mob monsters instead of the average of 14 will make for more complicated math but I doubt will change the result much…

Edit2: More data from Pois1 shows that waves appear to have consistently have 4 monsters somewhat less than 50% of the time , so my guestimated numbers here are a touch high.

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