Season 2 Special Stages Mission — What am I supposed to do for these?

Hi all,

I got one mission asking for special stages but I don’t know what must I do. I’m attaching a picture where you can see the mentioned mission.

Thanks in advance

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I believe the mission in question is asking for a quantity of a particular enemy to be killed during the course of your normal play.

There are stages in Season 2 different “special” rules, like Magic Night, noted in the Mission in your screenshot.

To complete these missions, you need to beat special stages with Magic Night 100 times.

There’s a thread about that particular mission here:

And another one summarizing several of the missions here:

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Thanks for the quick response. My problem is that I completed all avaliable season 2

Must I do again any province or it is a bug

You’re welcome!

And yes, you have to repeatedly play levels. And as you complete the Missions, new ones appear, so then you need to complete more levels again.

That thread I linked above (Season 2 Missions Advice (Enemies, Bosses and Special Stages)) attempted to recommend an efficient way to complete multiple missions at once.

But no matter how you do it, it requires a fair amount of replaying of levels.

The Mission in your screenshot is actually a second round of special stages. The first only requires beating 50 stages:

Thanks again. You rock!

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