Season 2 Avatar Missions

With each new set of boards in Season 2, has come the release of New Avatars via Missions.
Defeat Season 2 Bosses I, Gold Macaw and Emporer Moth
Defeat Season 2 Bosses II, Undead Privateer and Stegasaurian
Defeat Season 2 Bosses III, ???
Defeat Season 2 Bosses IV, ???

As you can see I am still on the second set. What is the best board to finish this mission? How about the subsequent ones?

Thanks for any direction that can be given.

Do you need both the privateers and the stegos? Then I recommend doing either Province1 stage 2 or 4 (can’t remember which had more mobs to fight and/or more recruits as reward - you have to try both and choose the better of the two). I also used one of these two levels as you can work on both missions simultaneously and province 1 is a great source for adventure kits :slight_smile:

I just searched for one that had the enemy and the boss and the special event in one and went with it - complete three missions at once.

I used stage 7 - has 4 waves and so far my record for backbacks - 9

Are there additional avatar missions after Kirin and Ice Kitsune?

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After Kirin you get the Gashadokur or whatever the new boss skeleton name is. Funny enough this is the same avatar they mistakenly put for finishing the green skeletons mission (first tier monster mission for avatar in Atlantis).

Don’t know about the foxes, I stopped even trying to get them when I saw 1200 lol.


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S-2 14-9 has the new set in them - kappa and the skeleton guy.
I forget which one I did for the fox and dragon, but there definitely was a stage that had both.

14-9 has them both. But you will fill up the skeleton mission significantly faster than the Kappa one. Kappa is one of the 2 mobs that spawns in the first 3 stages and there are 3-4 mobs per stage. Assuming it’s a 50/50 spawn rate (and it seems close but I’m not tracking) that’s 5-6 kappa’s per stage on average. In my runs it’s closer to 5 than 6.

Once the skeleton mission is done, I’m going to be looking for a level that has more reliable Kappa’s. I think the key is if there’s a level with Kappa’s supporting the final boss. Also possible that another of the Kappa levels has an extra stage or a chance at 5 mobs per stage.

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13-2 seems to be the best for Kappas. 3 levels with potential Kappas and 2 of the with the boss. I got 11 Kappas in my trial run.


Yes, that’s the one I’ve been on. I agree that it’s the best for Kappas.

What do these avatars look like? Care to share

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Great job! I’ll see! Did you find some good cappa’s stage in new Atlantis provinces?

I’m next to reach the skull…

15-9 normal is best for that, with its 20 recruits bonus.

15.9 has no cappas.
13.2 ist the best for cappas.

7-1 gives you 5 waves of undead privateers.

If this is posted somewhere you can just direct me to it. Was trying to figure out best stages for macaws, poison and moths. I’m done with season 2 so was gonna aim for the avatars just for fun. Thanks

3-5 has all three for you


Thank you…

Is there a stage that has 2 kirin boses for kirins?

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