Season 1 World Map (Karemdol)

I guess you are familiar with this one.


Nice work! :slightly_smiling_face:

I see a lake at sea level surrounded by mountains.
The mountains have way too many peaks.
There are no hills.
This doesn’t look like Earth.

Agreed, clearly a different planet with much more active plate tectonics. And magic…

…and the seasson 2? When???

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Quick question. Did anyone’s first thought be to turn it into a Risk map? Or is that my own mental weirdness?

My friends and I play LOTR Risk all the time. I love that map. I need to get my friends hooked on E&P…

Ok, now I sound like a drug dealer


For me it is more looking like a Smallworld map ! if you enjoyed Risk you will fall in love of this game xD

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