Screamdown - New Alliance

I was doing 50% of the work in my old alliance. We had 30+ members, but only 7 were fighting the Titans, so I started my own.

The alliance is open. I’m looking for active players. Players inactive for 30 days may be booted. No requirements on the number of trophies or level; we all start somewhere. Just participate in wars, Titan battles, and you’re in.

“We rain down screams and death, and we reign hard.”

Scream, instead of creating your own do you want to join us instead? Please check out Gnomes Gone Wild. We are currently at your level. All of us are active and participate in alliance wars and titan attack. Your addition would greatly increase our fighting force. Currently hitting 6* consistently progressing to 7*

Same rules apply to our alliance as you have stated above. Ours is an international group UK/US/Oceania/Middle east.


I’m going to see if I can grow one for a while before I try to join someone else. Thanks though.

Alright man Door is always open for you and your crew:) Just let me know. I am on line app as well:Sardhalud

Hey scream how are things?

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