Score for Riddles of Wonderland

Hey everybody,

I’ve looked for hours (20 minutes) and I can’t find anything except old scores. Is there any other post where we could get an idea of what good scores are for this event? Here are my lowly numbers :slight_smile:

Your post doesn’t seem to have any scores or screenshots — which tier(s) are you working on, and what ranking(s) are you going for?


An excellent point!!! Ok, let me try again :slight_smile:


Are you aiming for Rare Top 10k?

At the risk of being boring…

It’s not about you, it’s about everyone else.

Do your best, pay attention and consider which levels you feel you can score better and re-run those.

If you want to get onto high score lists you’ll need to get a pretty heavily emblemed team for the tier in question and a stock of supplies built up and ready to spend.

Do your best and enjoy it :slight_smile:

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I made it to top 10k rare last time, but I’m wondering if I should concentrate on epic now. Reason being I took off some emblems from my 3*s and put them on my 4s… I’ll post my epic when I’m done with my first run, I’m on 13 now


Maybe… It depends what your bench is like though.

Generally mono and a good board (ie: plenty of rerun) is the recipe for success… Obviously it’s easier to level up mono stacks at 3*.

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Emblems aren’t really critical for Rare, especially for Top 10k.

You’ll likely need to aim for around a Master Score around 675k based on the scores I’ve seen from alliance mates.

I’d focus on Stages 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 to start. It’s possible to get 5-10k more on each of those Stages with a solid run.

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I can confirm. I currently have a score of 677K which gives me a rank of 7,600.
Last month I ended up with 690K which ranked me 9,007.

Scores by level from last month:


Thank you so much for your input! Here’s my epic first run:

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So… I’ve been working my way up a bit… I noticed that 13/14 is where I really need to improve. Now maybe time to switch it up and do some epic

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