Sartana Vivica or Dominita

Who should I level my only yellow healer Vivica with 183 emblems Dominita with 176 emblems only 5* rogue or a second Sartana 39 emblems

Why can’t you do Viv and Dom as rogue and cleric? I have both max Dom at +11 and Viv +4 I gave rigard +20.
Dom is great esp w Mana troop to take to 9 tiles w l17 troop. Sartana gets the attention but Dom is no slouch. Nice debuff from a classic 5 plus the yellow defense and decent hit esp after v20 buff.

Viv is great and her costume is awesome but I don’t use on def and only would as tank.

Plus Dom has rogue which is very nice with evade making snipers waste a turn .

They are all at 3-70?

I love healers so would go for Vivica but for the role she plays Sartana is probably better for her category of sniper - Vivica is a nice healer but not exactly the best of her category

If Viv is only healer definitely Viv

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