Vivica or Domitia

I have 4 heroes waiting for a Damascus Blade, but only 2 are ready to ascend…Vivica and Domitia.

I do have Delilah maxed out with 3 talent points, so I think I would be using her more than Vivica, but looking for some advice

I personally wouldn’t use the mats on Domitia.

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I also have Magni and Marjana but each needs other items so it could be awhile before I can level one of them.

I’m not really in a bad spot with 10 5 stars maxed already (2 of each color) but I have those 4 waiting and it’s driving me nuts!!

Marjana, Magni, and Vivica are all worth the mats.

I understand not necessarily wanting to use mats on Vivica, having Delilah already, but before I used a Damascus blade on Domitia I’d just wait until I could go with Marjana or Magni.

Vivica without any doubt… good luck!!

No use having 2 5* healer at the same color. Since u already maxed del, then wait for 5* yellow attqcker such as joon.

Domitia is average grade. Not really good and not bad either. Use the mats on her if u have excessive mats

I kinda agree with the general consensus. It sounds a bit like you’re just impatient to use up your mats, and I get that. I was chomping at the bit about whether or not to ascend Quintus and Justice just a few weeks ago, but I was convinced by the forum that I should wait.

Now I have a shiny new Vivica and a Guardian Panther I’ve been rainbow feeding. Panther’s at 2/58 now and already hit 8/8 even with a steady diet of “whatever I had that wasn’t yellow or blue because I’m focusing on Wu Kong and Richard/Frida.” She’s been good to me on that count.

The advice I was given and will now reiterate is that you should wait until you have 10 tabards and see if you’ve pulled anyone better by then. If you’re that hard on Damascus Blades, you should probably just be patient instead of wanting to blow it on something else just because you can.


Dont remind me of Vivica. Guardian event gave me 3 and still no Panther or even an Owl.
Just a Kong and Anzogh. :rofl:

I have Drake Fong maxed yellow 5 :wink:

Oh I have been patient LOL… I had 8 5 stars waiting to level and finally down to 4. I just only have the materials for 2 of them as it’s taken almost 8 months to get the 4 Demascus Blades previously.

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Ok back to topic.

Vivica is fantastic for offense since you can control when she fires.
She is not great on defense due to slow mana.

Domitia is above average IMO on both ends of defense and offense.

Depends on what you lack and what you fancy. :wink:

Domitia got a nice buff to her attack in v20, which brings her up a solid notch. You are lacking any other 5* dispel attacks, which tips my thinking to her.

I almost always choose Delilah over Vivica. You’ll certainly never use both on one team.

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Magni and Marjana will serve you far better than a lesser yellow healer (Del is Beast!) or an average purple.

To be good at this game you have to be patient. I have Viv at 4/45 and pretty much abandoned her there to level Del when I got her. Viv doesn’t even make my roster in war now - she’s be on my 8th team or so

Yeah I saw that you had 10 capped 5* already but that was after I posted. In my defense I got distracted and forgot… :slightly_frowning_face:

Given you have Delilah, I think Domitia is better of the two, but it’s hard for any of us to make an informed suggestion without knowing your existing 5* bench.

So I was able to get the mats the next day for Magni and have been leveling him since (patience paid off) - currently at level 44. And now as of today, I have everything for Marjana (thank you Mount Umber) except for a Damascus Blade. So Vivica and Domitia will stay 3/70 for the indefinite future!

Thank you all!!

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