Sartana talent 19 node

Almost have enough emblems to get her to +19 here in a day or two. Should I get useless healing or the useful mana speed?? Don’t have costume yet but aiming to get it. If I get her costume and go mana speed then her costume will have crit. If I get useless healing bonus, her costume will have useful mana speed. After thinking on it more, I’m leaning more towards mana speed on normal Sartana. Since I mostly want her costume for the massive stat increase. Not sure if I’d use her costume side much but the way I figure it, even if I do use her costume side, not having the mana node won’t be a huge loss if I don’t use it much.

She would also be on my dark hero team for yellow titans which I would say that you would use her normal version for titans instead of her costume side. So thinking of mana node for normal since costume would just be for bonus and class quests, but thought I’d get opinions of others first just in case I’m forgetting something here.

Also, a screenshot of both her talent grids.

My suggestion:

“better the bird in the bag than 2 in the bush”

Essentially, if you don’t have the costume yet, I would just make the emblem path for what you do have… It’s fairly cheap these days to go and re-do the emblem path entirely if / when you do get the costume.


heh. Nice quote. Fastest reply I’ve had on a post before. Thanks. I got 19 reset emblems so far so I can always reset later if need be. Those are rare to come by which is why I try to be careful on which path I take and which heroes I give emblems to.


19 is plenty haha

Like you, I’ve always been careful in terms of who I emblem but usually that’s been based on who is IN my roster at the time…

If they aren’t in your roster, it could very well be that they will NEVER be in your roster… regardless of how many summons you do :slight_smile:


Same. Though some heroes I try to get. Finally got Inari to throw rogue emblems at. She’s already at +19 cause of all the emblems I’ve hoarded over time. Speaking of who’s in the roster, which wizard next after Sartana? Glenda or Isarnia with costume? The only other wizard I have is Anzogh. Pretty sad wizard roster I have. If Glenda or Isarnia, they’d be on an ice team of Vela/Ariel/Frida/Misandra with a random Tarlak that might get replaced by Miki later. I have him but he’s not maxed yet. So Glenda or Isarnia would be replacing one of the other 4 later maybe.

There is a growing number of folks I chat with that love their Anzogh. Maybe don’t write him off just yet.

Oh. I feel like he might be better on defense. When I use him on offense, he kind of feels underwhelming. My red team is currently Zimkitha, Anzogh, +18 Mitsuko, +19 Elena with a random +6 Tarlak. Aiming to replace Anzogh with Azlar once I max him and his costume.

Do they go attack or defense on him?? I wonder if he might be better for me if I went attack route since he’d mostly be used for offense for me.

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Really those last two nodes are REAL expensive. R u going there for ego? could you better put those emblem to better use on another hero?


What? Ego?? What do you mean? It’s extra mana speed and like 30 attack. Why would I not get them. Having half emblemed heroes would bother the completionist in me. I can’t just max a hero halfway through and then quit on it. After I max Sartana, I’ll be looking for another wizard to throw emblems at though. My choices are Anzogh, Isarnia, and Glenda. Sucks I don’t have Jean or someone better. Not really sure if those 3 are worth using emblems on.

I’ll ask and get back to you.

They’ve been talking about how great he was in the events too (colour dependent).

Okay. Cause out of Azlar, Elena, Zimkitha, Mitsuko, and him, Anzogh has the lowest attack stat. So my red team would be the other 4 plus Tarlak.

Hope it’s okay to ask about Costume Sartana here.

Yay or nay for +19 crit bonus? I usually pair her with Guardian Panther, and have a mana 28 troop.

Note: I’ve emblemed a Costume Kiril and Proteus too. I’m very c2p so unlikely to get new wizard class heroes.

That was my same question, too. I had decided on mana speed for normal Sartana which would give crit bonus for costume Sartana. I don’t have costume but if I did, it’d mostly be for the bonus stats. So, yeah. Normal version does more damage and would be used more often anyways. Here’s a chart for you that compares the costumes damage versus their normal version.

Source: Costumes... Whats the Point? Which is Better?

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@Deathh I’ve seen that chart before, but thanks! :smile:

As much as I like the sound of possible double damage, it is only a small chance of 2%, and I wouldn’t use a crit troop for my Costume Sartana.

Thus I’ve decided to keep her at +18.

Btw, I don’t think your wizard roster is sad at all. Good luck with getting Sartana’s costume! :four_leaf_clover:

Thanks, and I only have 2 maxed wizards currently. Glenda and Isarnia are new and still level 1. So I got to rely on the other class for the wizard class quests to complete them.

Edit: So you don’t use normal Sartana often?

Correct, I prefer to use Costume Sartana almost everywhere.

Here is a list of where I use (or would use) each version.

Costume Sartana
War Attack & Defence
Tower Raids + Raid Tournament Attack & Defence
Challenge Events, Tavern of Legends…
Fighter Trials

Sartana with Costume Bonus
Wizard Trials

Note: I prefer Costume Sartana’s bigger snipe over Sartana with Costume Bonus.

I just remembered this post. lol. I got a badge recently cause of my sartana link and it sent me here. So did you ever figure out if they went attack or defense on him?? After some thought on heroes, I’m guessing they went defense for him since his attack isn’t much and he has better defense stat.