Sartana or Khiona ...which one would you ascend first?

Hi guys,
I almost have all the ascending materials fo a 5* purple hero… between Sartana and Khiona, which one do you think is worth ascending first?
Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


I have the same question. I just did 10 x dark pull and was lucky enough to get Sartana and Khiona. These are my first 5* dark heros. Unfortunately I also have enough ascending materials for one of them. Which one should I level up first?

What does the rest of your roster look like? What’s your main priority (raids, titans, war)?

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Titans and events mainly.

I’d give the nod to Khiona, especially for titans. It’s typical to stack against titans, so Khiona’s linked healing will provide a big boost. The extra potential tile damage from her special will also be nice.

Sartana is much more likely to one-shot a foe in a raid or war, so she’s still probably the better hero in that situation. But you’re not looking to one-shot titans or event bosses.


My current roster is Drake 70, Sonya 70, Kashhrek 70 and Gormek 70. I don´t like to invest too much into the game and that means that I can´t have one main priority (if I must choose then it would be raids).

I would like to know, which one of those two is a better all-round hero?

Both good, but i would choose Khiona, because she had more combine possibilities and she has dark link. Sartana is good but she is only a strong dot… Nothing more.

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= strong Damage Over Time. Her upfront damage isn’t bad. Pure DoT like Natalya doesn’t work out so well in daily use.

I still can’t decide ç_ç

Khiona will help you better on titans and that is where the majority of your ascension materials will likely come from. Get your titan scores up and you will get the 2nd set of materials needed by Sartana faster than if you did it the other way around.


Overall, Khiona is great, especially if you already have good purple heroes, so you can use her elemental link and surround her by other purple heroes to hit yellow titans. She makes your other heroes better, especially purple ones. But if you don’t have (two) other strong purple heroes and need a sniper, Sartana fills that role very well.

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Anchor rate Khiona as B and Sartana as an A

Khiona, no brainer.
Sartana is only more sexy.

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I have 2 Khiona and Sartana and start to level Sartana first but will seek opinion again before give Tabards to her. My first 5* rainbow will be Alasie Grave Drake Talark Sartana

Other options
I have 2 Gregorion, Guinevere, Vivica


If you focus raids go with Sartana but as you focus events and titans go with Khiona!

Guin is best tank. Would be my priority

I don’t see a conflict in building Guin and Khiona together. Using matched-color training, the only point of conflict would be availability of Damascus blades and tomes of tactics.

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Thanks for your input
Is Guinevere better than Drake in Offensive? I want to build my attack team first. Thanks again my friend

Thanks Kerridoc
So you prefers
Alasie Grave Guinevere Tarlak Khiona
For my first 5 rainbow
I am focusing on attack team and will build defence team later. I have AM for my first set of 5* rainbow but will take long time to get another set that is why I am seeking more opinions


Guinevere is better for defense and Drake is better for offense. If your priority is titans, max Drake first. For defense and Events, max Guin first

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