Khiona, Sartana, Panther, or Aeron?

Which should be my first maxed purple 5*? Khiona (2-32) and Aeron (3-39) are already partially leveled. Sartana and Panther would be starting from scratch. I’m leaning away from Aeron, since I need purple damage-dealers more than I need healers, atm, except that he is already so far along. Then again, it’s that last tier that takes for-freaking-ever, anyway.

Speaking of time investment, should I consider leveling more than one of them up to more usable levels before taking the time to max any of them?

Here is what my roster looks like now:

I love Khionna fun to play

Panther. That debuff is amazing and while it technically would be about as good at 3/70, she can’t cast it if she’s dead and those extra 80 levels make keeping her alive so much easier.

After her I’d generally recommend Aeron because 5* healers are so rare, but you do have a lot of healing already. I’d consider Sartana next as you could use another fast Mana sniper.


Sartana to 4.80
Panther 3.70

Aeron and khiona 3.70

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^^ This. Panther does her magic perfectly well at 3/70. She’s the “one” of the one-two punch, and Sartana is “two”.

Panther’s tile damage wouldn’t play a role in this decision? It would for me but i dont even have panther so opinion doesnt hold water on this topic

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That’s a great point, Rigs. Panther’s attack stat of 782 at 4/80 is markedly higher than the others (Khiona = 739, Aaron = 733, Sartana = 694). Tile damage is what makes high-value titan hits.

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When it comes to evelyn or arthur, i’m definitely agreeable with leaving either one of them at 3/70 for awhile since elemental defense debuffing is their biggest perks. But panther’s defense debuffng + her insane tile damage is just too good for me not to take to 4/80 if i had her. I have aeron, sartana, and khiona maxed. At least one of them would be waiting on tabbards if i had panther. Just my 2 cents though

Panther is one of my favorite heroes, and I team her up with Aeron and Khiona most of the time. They make an awesome trio, especially with Lianna and Tarlak on the wings :slight_smile:

I just pulled the trigger on Panther. She is simply amazing. I flank her to Ares and i pull off some amazing titan hits without even using items!

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