Poll question – Sartana or Khiona?

I finally got the tibard that I needed. Now the question is who do I upgrade? Do I go with Sartana or Khiona? I already have Hel

I vote Sartana. Fast snipers are a must.

Khiona is one of the best rogue (Sartana share the same class with Hel) and she could help you with events, quests and titans.
Sartana deals high damage and that’s all…

I would ascend Khiona.

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Khiona seems to be the better choice for me, too.

Congrats! I have Sartana max and I would actually prefer Khiona. Hoping she comes around again in the portal for my next set of tabards.

Khiona, for titans. It’s true, she only boosts 2 + herself, and yes it doesn’t last very long at 3 turns.

But you don’t need to proc the attack boosts with damage necessarily, her buff stacks with Wu Kong’s; just the base value + gamble boost brings up attack for three heroes a lot.