Royal Tabbards are few & far between... who would get yours?

Who gets the Royal Tabbards? And why? Thanks.
Freya, Clarissa, Sartana, Alfrike, or Malicna; already have Victor, Ursena & Kage in talent.

Don’t you already have Clarissa?

Last time people advised you to go with either Freya or Alfrike, you said you’d ascend Clarissa but it looks like you went with Victor…


Thank you for remembering me! I’m flattered! Yes, I have really enjoyed Victor! In fact, he’s on my top team!

I think Freya would do a lot for your team in general.

In vfast wars and tourney, Alfrike is queen, no contest. She’s a good choice if Freya doesn’t please you.

Clarissa is good, but not as awesome as Freya and Alfrike.

Sartana and Malicna would come after them.


You have a sharp memory, dude !!

My question now is, why seek the opinion of the forum-users when you said you would ascend a hero (Clarissa) when MOST of the posters popularly suggested another (Alfrike or Freya) but in actuality you ended ascending a different hero (Victor)?

Regardless, FWIW, Alfrike would be good. Or Freya. Whatever. I have a feeling you’d ascend Obakan without costume.


Hey, watch what you say about Obakan without costume… the one im bringing to 3.70 will feel hurt. :joy::joy::joy:

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Freya or Alfrike as explained.
Both are useful in offense and in defense, both are great tanks if you need to tank dark, alfrike is the best hero in rush without any doubt.

Now I can see that you already asked the question and chose Victor, who is not a bad hero but is clearly WAY weaker than any of those heroes, so you will probably choose one of the weakest.


No-one, because my last 2 x 5* purples have been Zulag and Mok-Arr. Your hero needs to be functional, not an excuse to use valuable unfarmables.

:laughing: :cry:

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You are not alone. I am bringing mine up to 3/70, too:

Currently being sidelined for the moment. 2* purple heroes and above go to Malicna, currently at 3/43, who i also plan to get to 3/70 before getting back to Obakan. I plan to ascend either Malicna or Grimble, or both. I have more than enough mats to ascend at least 3 purple legendaries.


I regretted levelling up my Obakan until they balanced him recently and now he is now actually functional.!


I wish you get his costume. :+1:t5: :+1:t5: :+1:t5:

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Me too, I gave him all the 20 talents because I had no other 5* barbarian despite Azlar who probably will never get rings because Gefjon, Santa and Marjana are in the queue before him. And now he rocks…

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:man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging::man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

Oh, I see how it is…anyone in the forum can post rude responses, but that’s cool…I stick up for myself and it’s flagged…great. Thanks. How about censoring the rude comments made to me?

I’m jealous of all these Obakans. He’s the only s1 I don’t have.


Sorry can not see overly rude comments to you.
If you ask for advice, ignore it and bragg about it a little, you have to live with a bit of friendly banter.
Calling someone names for this constitutes rudeness for me.
Beggars cant be choosers, if you want advice you have to live with the comments if you wont follow the suggestions.

Best way IMO is edit your post here, or post new comment on that thread, said: Ops sorry I do not ascend Clarissa, I choose Victor instead. That make more clear whoever you ascend or not, and of course it is up to you whoever you will ascend, but atleast don’t lie :man_shrugging:.

Back to topic, I choose Alfrike, because She is so dangerous on VF rule, and very fun to play.

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