Rogue emblems to Khiona, Marjana or Musashi?

Hey Forum. I’m on the hunt for the communities opinion on who deserves my class emblems.

Right now I’m having trouble with prioritizing and I’m over thinking every little thing. These two things together is causing confusion in picking which hero who can learn the rogue talent (chance @ dodging direct SS DMG) I should give my emblems. I would love knowing who you would pick if you were in my position.

My Legendary Rogue

*Khiona (HOTM-9/18)



Sniper + ATT Buff Nearby

Regular Max Stats: 739, 708, 1336

*Marjana (TC-LVL20)



Sniper + 300 DOT

Regular Max Stats: 669, 712, 1404

*Musashi (HOTM-9/17)



Hit 3 + Heals half of Normal Dmg

Regular Max Stats: 786, 679, 1248

Khiona & Marjana were ascended to tier 4 around the same time so I knew I’d eventually have to choose between them. Now Marjana is a day or so away from level 80 and Khiona is about 2/3 of the way through tier 4.

My first thought was to use my emblems on Marjana. She’s versatile; she has an A grade in offense, defense, and overall performance. She’s more likely to stay in defense teams as my roster grows so having an even higher defense would be good. She’s fast. Her snipe percentage is killer; it would be awesome to see it in action with an attack power over 700.

Then I started thinking, well I already gave my monk emblems to an offensive fire hero, Wilbur. Maybe I should try to spread out my emblems among element? I can’t tell. So then on second thought, my idea was Khiona would be better. I haven’t given any Dark heroes emblems, I like using her in stacks just as much, and though her snipe isnt as deadly—she does already have better tile damage. She only has a B overall, but has an A titan score unlike Marjana. Then there’s the problem that increasing Marjana’s ATT stat will only benefit her snipe not her DOT. Increasing Khiona’s ATT stat would benefit her snipe and her buff. I also realized, she would benefit from the +2% mana generation quicker because I wouldn’t have to level my purple mana troops all the way up to 23 to remove a tile off her charge time.

Recently, I unexpectedly got Musashi as a constellation prize after failing to get Ariel from the the Atlantis single pulls I did. I haven’t leveled him up yet but since I’ll have 2 orbs and 5 darts after I finish maxing the holy hero I’m currently working on, I had started thinking it wouldn’t be a ridiculous decision to decide after I leveled him up, but Im not sure.

Musashi has quite a few pros himself. He has a B overall but he does have an A in offense. His ATT stat is already amazing, but with the talent grid I think could definitely get it over 800 in not too long of a time. That would definitely greatly improve my tile damage in raids and against dark titans. Then I could probably get his underwhelming survival stats up to a decent amount.

Also since his heal only cuts received normal damage in half, the ability to possibly dodge the damage from a special skill makes him a much more attractive hero— that bonus talent really seems to suit him. Then there’s the fact glaring me in the face that he’s Holy and both the Trials of Shadows and Survival are dark hero heavy.

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Khiona > Sartana
Sartana > Marjana
Khiona >> Marjana

Joon = Sartana
Joon > Musashi
Khiona > Musashi

And don’t forget atk > def > HP


I’d say Khiona. Marj is meh.

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Khiona, and go up the attack/health side of the grid.

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