Rogue emblem who? Marjana or Inari

So today I’ve got 6th darts for Inari and I’m finishing Marjana. Who deserve emblems more? Marjana is my red tank at AW. I’ve got 300+ emblems cos I don’t have 4* rogues. Other 5* Onatel maxed, Ursena finishing, Frida finishing, have Kunchen and Domitia at 3.70. Thinking of keepeing those emblems for Inari for def health path to keep her alive. all thought will be appreciated

If Marijana is your tank in war, I think she deserves the emblems, but to be fair I don’t have neither of those heroes

I (personally) would give both heroes emblems

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Marjana. Inari already has a skill which allows her to dodge. Marj does not. Adding more abilities to heros adds to their resilience.

Having Marj as your tank just reinforces this decision imo.

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Inari needs to charge mana first to activate ability and she is bit squishy. Anyway I’ll give some emblems to Marjana, but not all of them. After finishing Inari and playing with her maxed I’ll spend rest of my emblems to one of them. I think that would be proper way to do it.

I hope you don’t mind me using this old topic to post the same question but for my case.

Not having pulled White Rabbit in November, Onatel in December and Gazelle now, I lost my patience and decided to spend my darts on Inari. There’s just no good yellow on the horizon (not interested in chasing Guin).

Currently my rogue emblems are on Marjana, but I stopped leveling her talents past 10 because I don’t use her that often. As opposed to OP, I do not use Marjana for my defense team, not even for the titan team. She really only sees some sunlight when I run a red stack, or on the Rogue quests.

Inari I could use to replace Joon in my defense team, although not entirely sure if that will make a positive or negative difference. She would definitely be an addition to my titan team and perhaps a key to finally take on purple tanks (my yellows are weak, with Vivica, Joon and Ranvir + all the 4 stars but they are mediocre as we know). Used to run her on wars on 3.70 and she was fun with the dodge.

So are there any people who use Inari, and emblemmed her instead of Marjana (or really, any other sniper)? Which way did you go, which would you recommend? Gladly welcome suggestions here.

Personally, I believe Jackal (if you have him) should be first in line with emblems unless you just really need them on 5* defense. Jackal is needed for titans and yellow attack teams for all the purple war tanks out there.

I have both Inari and Marj and neither get used on any of main teams. However, of the 2, I would give them to Marj as she will eventually get a costume and will probably be devastating with it and emblems. My Lianna is at skill level 19 and Im saving gems in hopes of getting her costume on the 20th.

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Same here, rogue emblems should go to jackal and scarlet if you have them. Jack is good both agaisnt titan and raids ( joon and jackal is a deadly comb), Scarlet is great in challenge.

Joon is better than inari in def, too many ways in offense to avoid her skill.

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OMG, Gazelle is fantastic, Onatel is fantastic. I have Onatel - my very first HOTM. Gazzelle is fantastic support for entire team. Why would you use darts for Inari prior to those 2???

Well because I don’t have them.

Interesting point about leveling Jackal. Need to think about this. He is indeed the least reliablie elemental debuff because he just dies off on pinch.


sorry. I 've read “having pulled” and missed NOT. sorry.

Really depends on your other heroes for your defense team.

Both are stellar yellow offensive heroes. But for defense, Joon is best as a sniper wing. Inari on the other hand is better as a flank so her SS dodge chance activates earlier.

So if you swap Joon and Inari, you’ll have to shift your hero positions. Depending on who else you have to fit on your defense team, that may or may not be a good thing.

I have Zeline - Magni - Kunchen - Mitsuko - Joon; keeps me ~2600 quite easily, although do experience some drops even below 2500. Magni wouldn’t be entirely worthless on wing also, even though he misses that one ally def boost. Could also get rid off him entirely and go Evelyn - Zeline on wings, something that surprisingly always worked better than most of the combinations I tried with rainbow squads. But also with JF approaching I may need to reconsider using Kunchen at all, if he gets victimized too much. Aegir is an immediate option I have.

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You could try it out, but tbh I think pure damage behind Kunchen is better.

I agree with this too. Magni is pretty squishy to begin with until he fires, so no guarantees that at flank he’ll live long enough either (though Kunchen definitely helps him there)

along the same line. I have one Joon maxed and another at 3-70. Then there is Inari at 3-65 and still short a few darts. But which one next. Drake+7 Onatal+1, Leo4-80, Jackle+9m Vivi+2. Looking for warrior. Zim Drake Seshat Onatel and morgan are def for now

He wont, Grazul is already a hard counter to kunch, and still we see him. JF is a good heroe but you can’t say is going to counter kunchen everytime, you wont find 8 tiles everytime.

Please dont, Aegir is realy easy to defeat.

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