Inari & Rogue Emblems - Dodge stacking?

I’m currently leveling up Inari and was wondering if anyone can tell me if her rogue talent dodge and her special dodge stack?

Such as, if her special is active and her “talent” dodge kicks in, does it create a minion like her special does or does the talent supercede the special and not allow minions to be created?

Is it worth giving these emblems to her for this + added defense or should I give them to Marjana?

Please discuss and help me figure this out. If you already have her fully ascended and added the emblems, how is it working out for you offensively in raids/wars, defensively, and against titans?

I don’t have the answer, but I’d be really interested to see if anyone knows this. I have an Inari that I’m leveling, haven’t decided if I will max her yet

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Bumping this topic up. A simple search didn’t yield me my answer.

I am terrible at searching. This topic was my best result.

Same issue here. Marjana 4/80 +5. Inari at 4/44. Wondering if I should shift emblems when I max her. I sure do like watching my yellow team completely dodge a titan special.

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I dont know the answer forsure but here’s my take on it. I think the special comes before the talent. If the special dodges you get the minion. If the special doesn’t dodge then you still have a second shot to dodge with your talent but will not get rewarded a minion.

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Pretty sure that talent won’t create a minion.
Like 99% sure.

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