Rockingdale looking for recruits

We are a hand me down group who are relatively new to the game. We have been playing 1-2 years and just love to play. We are only hitting 3-4 star titans and would love to build this alliance. No restrictions except to be active at least once a month. We are pretty close and like to banter on chat. We are very supportive of one another.

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Would you like to join our alliance called Upstart whereby few players are similar like you. Beginners while advanced players move up to serious alliance of ours.
Interested do drop me at line, Happyelwk

We are an alliance of only four players and hitting 3/4 star Titans.
Would you consider a merge?

If immediately moving up to higher leveled Titans aren’t what you are ready for at the moment and are looking to enjoy the building up and growing process, what @JGE is suggesting could be a very sound strategy that can get what you are both mutually looking for.

Our alliance began as yours - our core have been with us many years and are supportive and protective of each other and anyone in the Alliance.
We have grown over time but we have 6 or 7 slots available if this is of interest.

9*-10* titans
relaxed atmosphere

Look up ‘Darkness Shines’ we have and continue to support developing players into 4700+ teams.

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Sure why not join us or what you had in mind? Reach me at Line Happpelwk or my leader, Hubter

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Sent your leader a message in Line

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Noted. I have received and I shall follow up with him. He is very busy today having a major work on Sunday.

Just received this as a reply from your leader …

I appreciate the offer but we have 2 other alliances. We’re just building up our advanced portion. We’re also very strict about strategy and hitting. I don’t think it would work.

Sorry it doesn’t seem to match your original post. But never mind

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Yes, he had updated me too.
Well , good luck to you and your mates.
Have fun and stay safe.

We are interested in joining The Upstart. I am not sure how this works. We currently have 9 players, one of which has not been active in the last 24 days. Would our players retain their status as elders, ect.? Does your alliance have any rules to live by? We are currently not regulated other than playing at least once a month. Most of the team regularly fights both titans and wars. Would the joint alliance keep your name or would it change? Are there war or titan strategies we should know about? These are questions our team is asking.

Thank you all for your wise advice and offers. It is deeply appreciated!

Dear Jcleary 60 , I appreciate your query and you asked quite detailed which is great.
May I guide you to ask my leaders , you may contact him at line at Littlelukey or Hubter.
Nevertheless I will highlight the following queries:

  1. Elders status, I guess it is reasonable request and my leaders will consider mainly you are a leader lead them to join us,
  2. Rules to live by, yes we do such as using your titan flags and when you participate wars, do use all 6 flags. We are reasonable if you tell us ahead you cant participate then we are fine with the notification.
  3. Name wise, we prefer to maintain the name but I can’t say much because we have council to discuss this matter which few leaders merge and form the current alliance.

For better clarification, my leaders Littlelukey and Hubter are best person to seek in depth clarification. Rest assured we are friendly, understanding and reasonable! Stay safe

FWIW, and it got a bit confusing the OP is actually @Jcleary60.

Hence the confusion.

Perhaps @The_Game_Sho can create their own recruitment thread? :thinking:

@Jcleary60, reading between the lines and just to clarify, you’re wanting to hit higher titans but don’t have any expectations on players?! I might have a suggestion for y’all. Do you have a Line ID?!

My alt account with just three of us were chaining 3* & 4* titans. So unsure if…


Regardless, good luck on your E&P journey

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