Rise Against - finding kicked members

Clive, C Rock, Gnomey Jones, DjaPe1711, steffy xox and TheSilentNinja, if you could rejoin Rise Against, we will explain everything!

I’d like to keep this post about finding our lost members, but I will say that this was an “alliance nuking” situation where a co leader removed everyone that he could. Luckily, most of our players use Line so we’ll be ok.

I have informed an admin of the E&P Awareness and Prevention Line group of this individual. If anyone knows of more groups like this, please let me know.


Oh no! Sorry to hear this, and good luck finding your lost members. :four_leaf_clover:

Btw, my in-game name is Samantha.


Wtf?! Thats terrible @charles-p!
Perhaps if you know their forum usernames, you can use it to tag them here?! GL


I don’t know their forum usernames, but there’s no harm in trying a few plausible options.

@Djapezilla @SilentNinja @KingClive

I may have brought you 3 here for no reason, in which case, sorry! :laughing: Thanks for the suggestion Sarah2 and for you and @SamMe 's sympathy. It’s astonishing that someone can be so malicious :frowning_face:


I know same thing to @Tea except it was her leader who kicked everyone out! :scream: Hi Tea! :heart:

Maybe she can offer some advice? I’m pretty sure she had some AR regulars help her to find most of her kicked teammates.

Also, I didn’t know there is an E&P Awareness & Prevention Line group. :sweat_smile:


We haven’t seen anyone but are still looking… hi sam :heart_eyes:


I’m generally nice… but I would have called him out… Charles has always been sweeter then me…

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You did handled it well when it happened to you @Tea. Hoping @charles-p successfully finds his lost members. :pray:t3:

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aww thank you… we had to make a alliance fast and mimic the old alli name… thankfully this was a co-lead sit. so the og leader was still there… Charles runs that alliance tho… he’s a boss.


I’m sure it’s against forum rules to name and shame players. Trust me, I know one too many players who deserve to get called out.

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It’s a good thing most of his players have Line app for outside game communication.

I find Line so useful for alliance communication + organisation. Tried Discord too, but didn’t get into it.

You’re also missing out on Line stickers. :heart_eyes: Think avatar shop, but not restricted to the game. :wink:

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You should be fine. Good for you to have an external app for you to communicate with them. I hope that erring coleader got the axe.


Screw forum rules. That guy did them dirty, man, call him out so no one else takes this guy in.


I can understand why naming and shaming is against forum rules. It is what it is.

I do think we may need to join this E&P Awareness and Prevention Line group. :thinking:

I didn’t realize it was a rule… my post wayy back said it… I was kind… haha but he was known for it this was the 3rd time he did it…

Third time?!

I’m not sure if true, but it seems like it turned out to be a blessing in disguise? :hugs:

There’s 373 people in that Line group and I think most are alliance leaders/co leaders, so he will be named and shamed there.

I can ask for you to be added, my line ID is charles-p.

Thanks for keeping a lookout for our members @Tea you’re a :star:


What app is this you mention here? Could you supply a link?


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Sorry to hear this took place. If the co-leader did that in any ALLIANCE among us is this the only way to try to regroup?

Hopefully you locate your mates!!

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Line is a social networking app: ‎LINE on the App Store

If that link doesn’t work, search ‘Line’ in the App Store. Generally, it’s a very useful app as you can send messages to individual alliance members, create a group for your leaders to discuss things and there’s the Wise Goat bot. Wise Goat has info on upcoming events in the monthly calendar, hero grading etc. Not sure how to install it as someone gave it to us

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