🍵 Riddles of Wonderland: White Rabbit – Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

last month I went hard for victor ending up with 4 valerias and zero victor. this month definitely overspent for the rabbit, ending up with alice and no rabbit. will stop chasing heroes now (at least for the foreseeable future)… the rabbit looks pretty good to me and I could have raised him straight forward with the dart coming up in few days from shiloh quest. so probably another yellow from the bench will get them now. hope to face him in some raids…


Do you still have one that is unleveled? If so, what are the ATK, DEF, and Health stats?

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and here’s my +2 so other members know I’m not just giving an opinion without knowledge of using him a bit

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All we need now is a dark rabbit to have a rainbow rabbits team

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FYI I have added White Rabbit’s Defense Down ailment that resets when the afflicted is healed DefDown_HealReset in the Status Effects reference topic :slight_smile: please see for what overwrites it there

Note that White Rabbit’s ailment is undispellable, meaning it can overwrite other defense buffs and ailments, such as the ones provided by Kiril, Grimm, or Athena. However, it can not be overwritten by any of those heroes.


Rabbit is great in raids. One of the fun heros I have.

See how white rabbit performs in raid defense here


Got this hero leveled now with 7 emblems. Have to say he is easily one of my favorites now. Currently using him in war defense and for raiding. His special is already great but when used with an attck boost it is crushing being as though he hits 3 for equal % damage. Thinking of taking emblems from Viv eventually to move him up even further. Gonna take the sword path 100% with him.

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Im at crossroads For talent 19, critical or mana node?
Does mana node make any difference even with maxed mana troop?

crit all the way if you have maxed crit troops for defense.

Ended up going mana route


nice team!!


What is the best talent path for him? Full attack or full defense?

If he is an attacker = attack.
If he is defender = defend.

Depends what u consider him. For me he is a sniper


Attack all the way. You want his special to hurt and even as a flank in a defensive setup, it’s unlikely that a higher defense would make a difference if the attacker focuses on him.

That’s a great defense. Wouldn’t be better if you ran: WR-GM-TELLU-ALASIE-JABBER?

The rest of the team would likely hit harder because of WR’s defense down, plus alasie behind tellu would be exposed to weaker tiles (red) and would be firing earlier in the match, which would delay specials from the attacker because of the mana regen reduction. GM at flank would likely fire 2x times.

After the Vela nerf, I think Alasie is now as good as Vela flanking Telluria.

Good day @AirHawk :wave:

White Rabbit
With multiple assets:
Defense down
A hammer to enemies in those blows
Def down can stack w/ others like Jackal

Strong yellow against Titans

  • other assets

I’m happy that I was able to snare him on today’s pulls! Especially after reading your insights here and some others input too! :pray:

Enjoyed your comments.
Thank you for sharing your insights!

Now, patience to level him up + 20 emblems.



My first and only maxed event 5*, served me well so far…

I have a plan to make him one of the most used heros, because he got his new best friend:

I hope they are good together as I think they are! :muscle::joy:


Looks like a tough duo you have paired up @Slobix
White Rabbit
Costume Leonidas

Hmmm maybe I better be thinking how to counter this formidable pairing. lol :star:

White Rabbit has a fun Warrior outfit too.
Makes sense for his specific role at E&P.

I appreciate your feedback!! :pray:

I will come back to this post w/ my WR and his paired hero one day in our not too far future. Will be great too if you might share how it goes with your Golden Duo… lol :partying_face:

:sun_behind_small_cloud: Ciao


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