Richard talents in costume or not

Hello, I have a question for you and I am asking for help. Today I received Richard in time with the costume. I want to use it in defense as a tank, but I have a few dilemmas. 1. Should you do it with or without a costume? 2. When I choose without a costume it is a Palladin class hero how to guide his talents. 3. When I choose in a costume, he is a hero of the barbarian class, so I guess he has talents to attack, but he has to be on the defense and last as long as possible, so I think you should put on defense. I need help in this subject. I will be grateful for explaining why such a choice is my best regards and thank you.

ANS 1. The original Richard will gain maxed costume bonus of +5% attack, +5% defense, +10% health and +5% mana generation IF you max the costume version. Go figure.

ANS 2&3. Be reminded, you can only emblem either version of the hero if it is maxed. You can emblem the original version if it is maxed. You can emblem the costume version if both the original and costume versions are maxed. As to the talent of the original version, it is up to you whether you choose the sword path or the defense path, your choice. The route the talents in the original version follows that of the costume version. If the original version all selected the nodes on the left side of the talent tree, the costume version will also automatically select all the nodes on the left side of the costume talent tree without even spending food, iron and the emblems for the new costume class.

For Richard serving as flank, you need to max the costume version for him to gain the full costume bonus. And in order for the original Richard to serve well as tank, choose the defense path in the Paladin talent tree.


Yes, you answered that I have even more questions. I do not understand the statement that if he wants the original Richard to become a tank, then that I would make the barbarian talent path, since the original one is the paladin class?

Check again. Paladin talent is Protect, which gives the hero a +25% chance to get +25% defense for 2 turns after receiving any damage. With Richard already having one of the highest defense stat in the game, it would be prudent and wise that you focus selecting the defense nodes on his Paladin talent tree.

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If you want to have Richard tank, emblem him for defense as a paladin. He’ll still get decent bonuses as a barbarian.

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