Richard, Sonya or Grimm

Hi all… I just finished leveling up Kirill and Triton… I need to decide who to level up next among those 3… Thanks!!

Are you happy with Triton? No regrets?

I do have Kiril and Magni, now facing similar dilemma like you… I have Aegir, Richard, Triton, Sonya, Grimm, Valeria. I got advice to go with Grimm and he is generally loved classic hero, but I am also thinking about Triton…

Hi i would suggest to lvl up Grimm. He has great tile damage so can be useful in titan fights.

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How many of these do you have?

  • fine gloves
  • compass
  • warm cape
  • Damascus blade
  • tome of tactics
  • farsight telescope

And what other 5* do you have (leveled or not)?

Without knowing other options, grimm should be next. A 6 round defense down with a bit of punch from his attack. Grimm is considered one of the better, more versatike heroes for that reason.

I only stopped using him when Isarnia came along.

I like to stack Triton with Kirill because it has a faster Mana recharge and increase Kirill’s healing… it was my first Ice 4* (put it on hold when I got Kirill that finished him later)…

I heard great things about Grimm as well…

Triton is nice for storymode.
Every potion of heal will be +39%.
He snipes well, but not as good as Grimm. Richard maxed would be best due to 5* and his buff. I have all of them - still can’t say who’s best. Level all up for war :slight_smile:

After watching this Gif
comes from @Kamikaze_Assassin about Rigard and his talent … I say Rigard … RIGAAAAARD.

Hi @Kerridoc

Here what I have so far…

  • fine gloves - 7
  • compass - 2
  • warm cape - 10
  • Damascus blade - 4
  • tome of tactics - 4
  • farsight telescope - 6

My 5* so far are # 3/70

Evelyn - Missing 2 Mysterious Tonic
G. Kong - Missing 2 Mystic Rings
Joon - Missing 2 Poison Darts

Justice @ 1/1
Quintus @ 2/1
Evelyn @ 1/1

Thanks !

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I do have Rigard @ 4/70… Love it…

Thanks. Richard, then Grimm. I love Grimm, but Richard will be a great tank and you are in a good place on your rare mats.

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yes… I’ve started using Triton, Kirill and Rigard for story mode and I move pretty fast since then… But now want to maximize Titan damage…

Oh ■■■■ me haha what a noob am I!
I read Richard as Rigard … daaaammit Hahaha … Don’t bother replaying my post guys.
Thanks @Kerridoc for your polite lights up!

Funny alternative:


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“Hey, I heard this Rghaghhgd hero makes a great tank and all”

I just pulled Richard from an epic token

Isarnia 3/53 and Grimm 3/46, these are my next ice heroes to be ascended.

I just got Richard so now I have Misandra, Richard, Rumplestilskin, Triton, Kiril, Sonya, Boril, Agwe…

Who should be next after Grimm and Isarnia?

I have my Kiril maxed, Grimm 3.60, Sonya 3.60, Triton 3.60, unleveled Richard 1.1, working in my Rumpelstintskin, he is now at 2.30

My plan is to take Rumpel to 3.70, then Richard to 3.70, have the mats to max one of them, but while checking the sinergy of each of them with the rest of my roster, plan to max Grimm then Triton and then Sonya, once I have them all maxed, will go for Rumpel or Richard…

Grimm is a must for many situations, Triton because having all *4 healers, plus Anzogh + Red Hood, his boost heal would work pretty well for all those heroes, Sonya will be third cuz I already have Caedmon, Sabina and Melendor as debuffers so even she is pretty solid and balanced it is not really a priority as Grimm…

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My Melendor is at 3.60 now and so is Boldtusk, Rigard is the next healer I’m leveling once I get Kage to 2/60. Kiril is at 2/1, Rump is at 2/8, Sonya at 2/40, Misandra and Richard unleveled.

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