Reuben – 5* Fire/ Red - December 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Leveled him for my mono red team and do not regret this decision. Attack is quite high, so most Tellis are gone with three red shields (GM, Reuben, Vanda, Elena, Anzogh)

In higher tier yes, trend moved from DoT to pure damage after Telluria debacle.
Still there’s many good DoT heroes around in lower tiers (Grave and Vela of course, but JF, Clarissa and Bera too for example).
And do not forget about new S4 heroes and their corrosive DoT.
And again, he can be useful for ninja tower (i mean for the minions, not the DoT protection)

I would not take for granted to never level him up.

I have Glenda and Krampus, and i’ve start to loved those minions mayhem in a mono blue.
And they are average, not fast.

I have ascended Reuben because of sufficient material.

As expected, the 50% DoT reduction is helping a little against GM/Vela/Clarissa DoT defenses and dmg to 3 is quite mediocre on attack. A bit more DoT reduction would have made him a usable hero, even if shortened. Still, for higher diamond opponents I will not replace any of my heroes. Malosi is far better than Reuben.

If someone asked me if to ascend Khagan, Azlar, Elena or Reuben (which I have all ascended and tried out and found not very useful), I would first take a slow hero for very fast tournament and very fast AW effect, then Reuben for the ~5th AW team over the other slow TC heroes.

He has ailment? Wow!! I didnt know he deals DoT.

You just did by rating Freya as A while Reuben as C-. Another comparison, both summons minions, but Freya has stronger minions than Reuben’s. Another comparison, Reuben deals direct damage, the other does not. I have half a dozen more to compare those 2 heroes on the top of my head. But staring that there is no comparison between the two is entirely false.

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Every body understood that I meant its dot reduction effect.

Are you really starting to play the guy that pretend to not understand ?

When I say there is no comparison possible that means freya is in another league. Comparing Reuben to freya is just an insult to the godess of war

Well, making a statement that is opposite of or different from what you intend is counterproductive, right?

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Your godess of war in beta has only minions and not any defensive buff.
WE beta players asked for a buff because she was really underwhelming.

(Off topic ended)

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Hi SamMe,

Yes, my Marjana is also maxed at 20. She’s not a bad flank also, but I find her fire power lacking sometimes.

In mono red, I am running Grazul (0), Boldtuck (0), QOH (0), Reuben (20) and Marjana (20).

I also have Noor, JF X 2, Khangan, and another Marjana all at 3/70.

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This thread is about Reuben. Pls stick to the topic…is exactly what I think.

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Actually i have Zim, Tyr, Elena, JF, Santa, Ares and Khagan maxed.
I also got 3 maxed costumed Rigard and Ariel, so i can cleanse DOT. Is there any reason to max Reuben?

Hi @Mimikins

Thanks for answering. I have a Marj +16, and I use her as left flank for war defence (depending on the war rule).

I don’t have a Noor or JF. I suggest you ask about Noor in her HOTM thread (like this one), or perhaps create a new thread for visibility.

Haha sure, should not involve other characters haha.

If you have marjana and reuben and use as flank, my impression is that the defence team is performing better when Reuben is onboard, but it is difficult to verify this data.

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Due to lack of available cleric emblems, I won’t try to replace my Marj +16 with Reuben for flank in war defence.

If I get Marj Costume next week, I can final ascend my Reuben with much more certainty. :crossed_fingers:

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If Reuben’s DoT reduction works on Lady Locke’s special that makes him worth it for this event right there. Her DoT is pretty wicked.


Locke’s dot is easy to get around. It’s probably more towards shielding against uncleansable ailments like Morgan and Natalya

Since you can bring items, green potions are the way to deal with her if you don’t have the firepower to take her down quickly.

I rather bring him for the hit 3 that DoT reduction.

Hey SG, this hero is terrible. Why not buff him? Even a tiny one? Just about nothing done to this hero could make him worse 5 star to max.

SG - “hold my beer”

Goes and makes Grave Maker a costume.

Bravo SG, you got some real brains working over there.

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In order for reuben to be useful, the 50% reduce is applied to any kind of ailment including def down, attack down, mana reduction etc, and not limited to DoT only

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It´s so rare that I leave any kind of negative feedback, but I have still not found a purpose for Reuben.

In Raids, surely not.
Vs. Titans, surely not - an antidote is way better, even a small one.
In Tournaments, surely not. In Wars, surely not.

I have very few reds to chose from, but just today, I took my 3* Azar to the fight instead of Reuben, and she was more useful.

What am I missing?

I am still new, but I can also read through this thread and see I am not alone.

I got C.Marj yesterday. I have maxed Marj, so, her costume will be maxed ASAP.

Is Reuben devastating after C.Marj? Can he destroy 3 enemies after her hit?

My impressions based on G.Panther + Thoth videos, where Thoth is devastating.

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