Reuben – 5* Fire/ Red - December 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Azlar c, jabberwocky.
Maybe more, but can’t remember…


All the League of Villains?

Are their DoT undispellable? I read their cards just now and there is no word about it… They can’t be overwritten by similar DoT, i.e. corrosive burn can’t be overwritten by regular burn, but there is no info that corrosive burn is undispellable.

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O right. Confused again!

I’m sure there were more though.

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Good to know. Usually I don’t really pay attention; you kinda have to record a battle and replay it frame for frame to determine.

Would be cool if they buffed Reuben to be an inverse Franz, and just reduce ALL damage by half… One can dream…

As named above: costume azlar, Jabberwocky, CoK raven heroes when there are more then 1 and the cast ailment becomes uncleansable. Maybe more, but the amount of heroes SG introduces is to high to keep up…

I will add Vela and Cheshire Cat to that list. Maybe there are a few more heroes, but we have now 4 (four) heroes. And CoK, but there’s 35% or 50% chance that their DoT will be uncleansable.
Well, it does not look good for Reuben. ^^

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Hi @SamMe ,
I brought Reuben to +18, went def, atk, HP for emblem path and his stats are

1385 HP, 849 def, 841 atk and they aren’t bad at all.

I didn’t have any luck in finding a fast 5* red hero so far (no, not even Marjana), so I had no option but to max and emblem him.
He’s good, I like his fast minions, his atk is pretty good especially when using def down. Of course I don’t have as many options, but he actually hits harder than I thought when using him on attack teams, hits 3 enemies and there’s no “minor damage to nearby enemies”.
I think I might LB him soon since I have zero competition for him so far and overall his stats are pretty solid.
If you have more questions, please feel free to ask. :slight_smile:


That’s a good point. I tried hard for him when he came out because my reds are bad. Game decided I was not worthy of Reuben.

Last CoK I had lots of cleansers and a combo of HoT and direct heal in Raff and Viv for legendary. That spreading poison guy fired and it became uncleansable. Even with Raff and Viv the damage was too much. Reuben may have changed that. Again, niche … but there.



Using slayers with Reuben, you can halve the DOT and then the slayer’s passive halves it further

Thank you @Chein for your interesting review on Reuben! :+1:

A follow up question please: any particular attack down hero(es) that you prefer to pair with Reuben?

I normally bring Gormek (+20 and costume bonuses) with me when attacking with Reuben. I’m still chasing Guardian Falcon, actively running the HA8, but no luck on that so far.

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Thank you again for answering my question @Chein!

Good luck with getting Falcon from HA8 soon! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

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