Lancelot Talent Grid - increase Attack, Defense, or Health Bonus?

Just leveled up Sir Lancelot. I don’t have Boldtusk so going to give Lance the emblems. Which way did you guys emblem Lancelot, did you add bonus in a balanced way, or add more on the attack, defense, or health, and why?

I know some will argue to make him even “greater” by increasing his attack, and that balancing him will not really do much. Some will argue to increase his defense and balance him out.

I use him on my defense team now. That may change over time as I max other 4*s but right now his mana boost is helping the other average speed heroes on the team, including Wilbur if placed alongside.

I’m leaning toward increasing hp and def equally - my reasoning is, the more hp he has, the more chance to use his specials, and since he is a support hero (mana gen, attack boost), that benefits the rest of the team while he is alive. Stacking him with Wilbur helps keeping him alive but if I decide to use him without Wilbur I won’t have that support.

I’m particularly interested in the perspective of players who have emblemed multiple glass cannons in different ways, increasing one glass cannon’s already high attack stat and increasing another glass cannon’s def/hp and comparing the net effect of the two cannons over time.

I am also including a poll:

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Health

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Lancelot was my third 4*, and is now my most emblemed (+13; I don’t have any other 4* or 5* fighters that’s why). I use him on raid / war offense, challenges and quests; the Red spot on my defense team goes to Gormek.

I chose to boost his attack because his Fighter talent allows him to revive anyway, and now that his revive is 4/5 he has a pretty good 24% chance to revive. Therefore, I went with boosting his damage output (both skill and tiles).

On the defense team I use both Lance and Wilbur. I have Gormek too but I use Wilbur instead, essentially same effect as Gormek, with additional effects. Lance and Wilbur/Gormek stack nicely.

I thought about the Revive making up for staying alive, but once he is revived he can be killed again very quickly. Chances of finding tiles on the board to kill him are greater for the attacker since I keep him in the flank, not in the wing of my defense team.

4th option, don’t bother giving emblems. He shouldn’t be on your defense, eventually you’ll realize this.

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Many people feel that way about him here and prefer to give them to Boldtusk. Once I get another Fighter maxed and other heroes maxed who’ll take his place on the defense team, I can reset the emblems. That may be a while most of my other 4*s are on first ascention. For now makes sense to use emblems on Lance, or am I not considering something else?

I have Boldtusk but I still gave some fighter emblems to Colen. Giving emblems to Lancelot is not a bad idea imo.

I think it’s better to boost the strenghts of heroes instead of balancing their weaknesses. It makes sense to boost Lancelot’s defense and health if you’re using him in your defense but I’d boost his attack if I was you. Glass cannons should be made even more deadlier.

My reasoning behind it is: Your roster of heroes will keep growing. You’ll eventually replace your 4* heroes with 5*. So, most of your emblemed 4* will be used on offense only. On offense there’s no need to make glass cannons less squishy. With a few healers and support heroes they can survive long enough to fire their specials.

I forgot to ask, how many emblems are you planning to give Lancelot? Cuz I was gonna suggest you taking him to 4th node at first, then save some emblems for Boldtusk when you get him. Fighters with +4 nodes revive often enough, and at 4 nodes there isn’t much difference if you go health or attack route.


That’s good advice. Actually I only have a few emblems so I am taking him to third node. By the time I get more, I should get Boldtusk, hopefully, and level up a few others which will give me a better idea what to do with Lance, whether to keep him on defense team or not.

Btw, according to Anchor’s guide he gets a B for defense team.

I’ll have to test him on offense with his def slightly raised now. If he became less squishy and stays alive with the rest of the team I may just start boosting his attack.

I would like to take him to at least +7 to give him 18% revive, that seems like a decent 1/5 times revival chance.

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I’ve had emblemmed Lancelot and Scarlett to about 820 attack and both are doing exceptional on 9 * titan.
Sure they are cannon glass but the tiles damage stay even after both are killed.

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I think he’s just trying to use what he has. We can’t always choose the absolute ‘best’ hero to emblem in each class when one doesn’t possess those heroes. So, the emblems can sit there, doing nothing in your inventory, or it can be put to the best use available at the time. If a better choice eventually comes along, he can reset the enblems.


Yes :slightly_smiling_face:
I sat on my emblems on 3* heroes while waiting to level 4*s and now regret not using them, so I just gave my monk emblems to Bane until Wilbur is ready.

I am doing monthly pulls so maybe another Fighter class hero will come soon. It is interesting to hear different opinions that I haven’t thought about, increasing the attack damage using a red color stack for example.

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That’s something I haven’t thought about. At this point in the game we are still fighting small titans so the loot is insignificant but I guess when those bigger ones start coming it will become more important.

3 * and 4 * titan ocassionally return a better loot in the form of rare 3 * ascension material like fine gloves, tall boots, trap tools etc…provided that we stay in loot tier X or IX.

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Loot tier IX (9) is what you should ALWAYS shoot for as this will give 3 ascension mat rolls instead of 2. :slight_smile:

Our alliance is still some ways away from that tier :slightly_smiling_face:

This is my Sir Lancelot almost done.


You went with the defense path. How do you like using him now? Do you use him on defense team?

Good job but I would have choose the attack way for a hero with high attack stat like Lance and Scarlett.
Never mind the average mana speed in Lance. The tiles damage count!

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