Required Experience and Food calculator for any hero

I’ve created an Excel Spreadsheet that allows the user to input a hero’s number of stars, starting ascension and level and the target ending ascension and level. The spreadsheet then calculates the required experience and food required to achieve this input.

The spreadsheet also lists the required exp to reach each level for all heros. It also lists how much experience is provided if a hero at a given level is fed to another hero.

The file is a simple .xlsm file with a VBA macro which computes the metrics based on the input.
I’ve determined simple formulas for the amount of feed power for a hero of a given level and also a quadradic formula for the required exp to advance a hero to each level.

I’m very new to this forum - so I am not sure how to deploy this spreadsheet. I think end users may require ms excel with macros enabled - but it may be able to be embedded into a web page. Anyway I’d like some advice on how to proceed. I’m not sure how to contact a moderator directly.

This is a convenient tool which can determine what it will take to ascend a hero to a specific target. I’d love to share it with someone. It also will tell you how many X* heros are required to reach your specific leveling goal.

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Food & Experience Cost for Hero Leveling

Credit @thrashina

Food Cost for Troop Levelling

Credit @thrashina

Summary - Experience Required for Maxing Heroes

By @Otto0000


Here is a screenshot of the spreadsheet - you can look up any level in the sheet - or you can input the desired result in blue.
For example to ascend a 5 star hero from 1st ascension level 1 to 3rd ascension level 60 requires 180,061 exp and 2,123,300 food (including the two tier food ascension additions).
This translates to 1201 1 star different color heros, or 1001 1 star same color heros.


You can see the quadradic fit for the increase in exp to reach each level and the coefficients are shown above the graphs. There is a separate curve for each ascension and each star level (16 total graphs).

This sheet assumes all different color heros are used for feeding other heros. The XP feed power increases by 20% if feeding to the same color.

For example: If you have a Level 5 1* first ascension red hero and feed it to a blue hero it provides 178 exp toward the blue heros next level. If it was a red hero the bonus would be 214 exp (same color)

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Here is a peek at the 4 and 5 star tables.


Perhaps @Coppersky knows the answer to this? I’m an Excel Philistine… :sob:


Could you write the XP formula here in the forum?


A. Formula for how much EXP a hero at a certain level will provide to another hero of a different color.
B. Formula for how much EXP a hero at a certain level will provide to another hero of the same color.

Start with the current level at whatever ascension you are at (LV). The total level (TOTLV) can be determined by the following:
If first ascension it is just your level.
If second ascension it is your current level plus the max of the first ascension.
If third ascension it is your current level plus the max of the first and second ascension.
If fourth ascension it is your current level plus the max of the first and second and third ascension. See the end of this post for the max level at each ascension.

So if you are a 5 star 4th ascension at level 5 your level would be 5 + 50 + 60 + 70 = 185.
Formula A and B will tell how much experience this hero would provide to level up others. (Although that would be insane with this guy )

The Total Level (TOTLV) is ONLY used for formulas A and B. – how much feed exp does a hero provide.

C to F: Formulas for how much EXP is needed to take a hero from one level to the next.
For this formula the level (LV) is just the current level in the current ascension – no addition needed. (simple) - Just apply the correct formula based on stars and ascension.
1 Star
A. Round(TOTLV * 7 +143)
B. Round(1.2*(TOTLV * 7 +143))
C. If First Asc. Round(1.1959 *LV^2- 3.801 * LV +152.56)
D. If Second Asc. Round(0.4126 *LV^2 + 0.325 * LV +171.38)

2 Star
A. Round(TOTLV * 19 +371)
B. Round(1.2*(TOTLV * 19 +371))
C. If First Asc. Round(0.2752 *LV^2 + 0.7902 * LV +185.27)
D. If Second Asc. Round(0.1213 *LV^2 + 2.4757 * LV +214.37)
E. If Third Asc. Round(0.0997 *LV^2 + 3.602 * LV +242.13)

3 Star
A. Round(TOTLV * 31 +599)
B. Round(1.2*(TOTLV * 31 +599))
C. If First Asc. Round(0.1217 *LV^2+2.4671 * LV +249.39)
D. If Second Asc. Round(0.0994 *LV^2 + 3.6288 * LV +254.7)
E. If Third Asc. Round(0.1502 LV^2 + 4.3914 * LV +270.3)
4 Star
A. Round(TOTLV * 45 +855)
B. Round(1.2
(TOTLV * 45 +855))
C. If First Asc. Round(0.0808 *LV^2 + 3.6522 * LV +282.11)
D. If Second Asc. Round(0.1003 *LV^2 + 5.5797 * LV +288.26)
E. If Third Asc. Round(0.1501 *LV^2 + 7.3885 * LV +304.53)
F. If Fourth Asc. Round(0.2999 LV^2 + 10.813 * LV +316.42)
5 Star
A. Round(TOTLV * 60+1140)
B. Round(1.2
(TOTLV * 60 +1140))
C. If First Asc. Round(0.0988 *LV^2 + 4.6903 * LV +338.37)
D. If Second Asc. Round(0.1503 *LV^2 + 7.3779 * LV +404.45)
E. If Third Asc. Round(0.35 *LV^2 + 12.6 * LV +473.04)
F. If Fourth Asc. Round(0.4007 *LV^2 + 18.341 * LV +562.27)

Max Level at each Ascension (asX)
Stars = 1
as1 = 10 as2 = 20
Stars = 2
as1 = 20 as2 = 30 as3 = 40
Stars = 3
as1 = 30 as2 = 40 as3 = 50
Stars = 4
as1 = 40 as2 = 50 as3 = 60 as4 = 70
Stars = 5


Hopefully this is helpful and there are not too many typos…

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I didn’t look at the exp values as I typically just feed to max; however, the food costs are going to vary wildly dependent on what fodder you’re consuming… what was your premise on that part?

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Food Calculation
Use the current level in the current ascension.
Food per hero = Base + (LV-2) * slope
1 Star 1000 + (LV-2) *20
2 Star 1200 + (LV-2) *24
3 Star 2100 + (LV-2) *42
4 Star 3000 + (LV-2) *60
5 Star 5000 + (LV-2) *100

So a 5 Star 4th ascension going from level 23 to 24 will take 5000 + 2100 food = 7100
This is true regardless of what level hero you feed to hero you are trying to level up. - so it is 7100 if you feed a 5 star or a 1 star to another hero.

Another interesting fact - the food calc is the cost for one press of the level up button. If you give 10 heros to the food god (max) all 10 of them will cost the same amount - - it is true you might level up your hero by 13 levels - but each feeder hero costs the same! – if you fed them one at a time - the food cost would go up and be set by the current hero level when you press the initial level button.
So as a rule it saves food to always train with multiple heros.


Correction - the LV in this formula is the NEXT level you will acheive. So going from Level 1 to Level 2 you plug in 2 for LV in the formula.

Also I did not include the food required to Ascend - but that is a constant based on the level and the stars.

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Thank you very much for the EXP formulas. They work, almost always. :slight_smile: In the B formulas, you forgot an opening parenthesis. I think it goes before TOTLV and the B scores are just 20% more than the A scores (+/- some rounding).

But actually I was far more interested in the C-F formulas. My fodder heroes are almost always at 1.1 or 2.1 and I know how much EXP they provide by heart.

I’ve tested C-F with 9 heroes of 4* and 5*. For 8 of them the answer from formulas was correct. But I have a 4** Tiburtus at 4.21. The formula without rounding says 699.4576 . The game says 700 XP. Still, it doesn’t practically matter for me because I wanted to know how many thousands EXP I’ll need to fully level up my heroes.


True, training with multiple heroes saves a tiny bit of food but decreases a tiny bit the chances of improving the special skill. But those are tiny changes, more important is that training with multiple heroes saves taps/clicks. :slight_smile:


Third consecutive post. Sorry.

I’ve used Thrashina’s formulas to calculate the EXP needed from one ascension to the next. Hope I didn’t get anything very wrong. Here it is:

For 4* hero:
3.1 → 3.60 = 42557
4.1 → 4.70 = 83717

For 5* hero:
2.1 → 2.60 = 48453
3.1 → 3.70 = 104815
4.1 → 4.80 = 173498


Thanks I fixed the typo in formula B.
The EXP to level formulas are correct but are subject to rounding error - I only put the first few decimal points in the post. So they could be 1 EXP off occasionally.

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I validated your calculations - they are all correct. Useful tables - then divide that by 150 for 1 star heros of a diff color and you know how many you need - very useful!


Actually I ran the math on if it is better to do 10 1% chance level ups independently (10 transactions) or one transaction with 10 heros - showing 10% chance. The probabilities are surprisingly identical. So on average you have a 10% chance of improvement. But if you do 10 1% independently you could possibly get more than one improvement - up to 10 really (7 max) but the chance is slim.

But over a large sample it works out to the same averages. (spent way too much time thinking about this…)


Oh indeed… :blush:

Because of


There’s some issues with your assessment.

You are correct that the cost is the same; however, you still have to fill the exp bar and the rate varies wildly. If I use 1* off color fodder, that will take more fodder (as you state, it is per individual fodder card) and therefore more food than even 1* on color… let alone 2* off/on color or higher tier cards.

As a result, it’s nowhere close to the same amount, it depends on what fodder you are using explicitly.

Also I’d note using 10 fodder heroes at a time is not necessarily optimal; really if you’re trying to be hardcore about it (I’m way too lazy and the savings is absurdly trivial) you want to come as close as possible to maxing out your current level, regardless of the number of feeds that takes, and then do a big 10 feed to minimize the food used.

Maybe we’re getting at two different things, exp is a full measurement, but you used an individual measurement for food costs… without looking I was assuming you were doing both full measurement, and you can’t really do that on the food side.

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Thanks for the clarification - you are correct that with the goal of actually leveling up your heros - you can’t know how much food it will take unless you somehow combine it with the amount of EXP. All it does confirm is for a given starting level it shows the cost of each hero you feed during that level up attempt.

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