5* hero cost more to level up then other?

Not sure if this has been discussed already but this is the first time i have noticed it.

Currently i have 2 accounts. My alt is leveling athena who is at 2/53 and cost 10k food per feeder hero…
But on my main i have kutchen at 4/42 and hes 9k per feeder.

I also noticed on my alt account that Marjana at 3/1 is 5k per feeder.

My question is why does athena cost so much more to feed when the other two are further along in the leveling process?

I believe that the reason is that Athena’s level is 53 vs. Kunchen’s 42. I think that costs scale up based on the hero rarity, ascension tier and level, with level perhaps being the biggest contributor to the scaling of costs.

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Kutchen is on his last tier tho? Athena is only on tier 2? Food cost does go up the higher they get but she is still so little lol shes gonna cost me like 20k per feeder towards the end. (20k maybe an exaggeration)

Yes, but what I’m saying is that the hero’s level is a bigger factor in the cost calculation than his or her tier. My guess is that Kunchen at 2/53 cost exactly the same as your current Athena does.

BTW, I’m jealous of the fact that you have both Kunchen and Athena. I can’t seem to get decent Purples and Blues to save my life.


Just current level and rarity. Tier is not included.

Click for actual formula



Thanks for the clarification Gryphonknight.

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Gotcha ya. So when athena hits tier 3 her cost will go back down? Just to slowly rise again

Haha but they are on two dif accounts. They would prob be interesting together. I wonder if their shield downs would stack since hers is slightly different

Yes, that is correct.

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