Tima's "Unofficial" Official Guide to Speed Levelling



I did follow up with you via e-mail - I would like very much to collaborate on the spreadsheet! :slight_smile: I am fairly proficient with Excel, so I’ll be excited to see if I can contribute!

By the way, even though you don’t use that e-mail account frequently, it would be a good idea to edit your post and remove the e-mail address at this time - you have been so helpful and friendly, I would hate to find you in hot water with our moderators, and I thought I remembered reading that sharing of personal information here was a no no. :slight_smile:

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Jeez, don’t know how I managed to miss rule 11. I’m sure that there are better ways to share documents and collaborate. Google docs seems to be the universal method for sharing spreadsheets on the forum. I actually tried that route 1st. I managed to create a view only link to the google docs spreadsheet but couldn’t figure out how to make it “open”.

I think that I’m better off developing the original in Excel. Google docs has a number of quirks that I am not fond of. Just hoping it converts smoothly when done and that you can help me figure out how to publish.

Will send spreadsheet as soon as I get to my laptop.


Sounds good, happy to help!

:slight_smile: Tima


Check email you should have my draft


When you get a chance to take a peek at the spreadsheet, these are a couple of things I want to address:


The lookup to determine food required to achieve a given level does not include ascension food cost
The food cost lookup is missing a few levels (primarily the final levels before ascension and max level)


There are currently lots of tabs, most of them used to derive food cost per level. Once cumulative food cost per level is confirmed as accurate, we should only need 2 tabs


Food production rate estimate based on farms, tower and optionally chests and raids. This would permit us to calculate time to cover a food deficit. (Your suggestion)
Ledger tab - I currently track my day to day changes in recruits, food and experience. I record those results in a table that helps me better understand my experience production rates


The layout grew organically and could easily be improved. Would love your insights from a fresh set of eyes here.


Make a downloadable google docs version and post it here to get additional feedback


Someone has already tried to a portion of what we have been discussing here. (See this thread)

Down around post 24 there is a link to this google docs spreadsheet


This was my source for the wildly inaccurate food estimate I cited earlier in the thread, 5,874,533 food (column BU). Please take a look at the spreadsheet and confirm that I did not misinterprete it. All math aside I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I spent nearly 16,000,000 to level Joon to 80. I recorded start level end level and food cost for every feeding. Here is a screen shot of the last feedings and total.


Tima today I’m going to try to put theory into action. Today I hope to plan not only who but how far I will take them and what I’ll have left when I’m done. These are the relevant heroes I’m considering:

5* Obakan (5.1.20) - missing mats 2 trap tools 2 Talbard (have 1 each Damascus, Tome)
5* Elkanen (5.1.20) - missing mats 3 Tonic (have no green epic or legendary)
4* Proteus (4.3.60) - have mats but only 6 trap tools that Obakan also wants

Based on my situation, I will get the most mileage from Elk. I’m going to use the tool to see if I can level Elk to 5.3.70

This is where I’m starting. I’ve entered my TCs number training and trained, inventory of backpacks, clothes and food. Since I have an experience surplus and a food deficit, I’m going to duplicate the tab and modify the amount of materials that I plan to convert until the experience surplus is zero.

This is as close as I could come. I have a food deficit but I’m close. The food estimate may be high because it assumes 85% (should consider making this user input) on experience from 1* heroes. On the other hand it does not account for the food cost to store surplus recruits in TC11 (I may add that).

Now have no choice but to lower my expectations by reducing the target level. I have also decided to keep the trained heroes in one of my TCs uncollected so I have to cover that too. This is my final plan.

The last thing I wanted to consider was whether or not to level Obakan along the way. If I focus on Elk but use all my dark on Obakan I will get 16% more experience from those feeders. I will delay Elk, but Obakan, even modestly leveled could improve war performance. I would lean in that direction but I more interested in validating the tool, so I’m going Elk all the way.

I want to use my 1* on the lower cost levels and my 2*,3* and trainers on the highest levels. It takes some time to convert and feed. Since food and flags keep coming the initial estimate can be a little conservative.

This is where I got to and I’m quite satisfied with estimate and result:


Good Morning @WinkWink!

I’ve reviewed the spreadsheet to an extent, it’s really an impressive piece of work! Well done sir! :slight_smile:

I will see what I can do to fill in any blanks that you haven’t already taken care of!

I think, at a minimum, the production from farms is easily accountable - the production from other areas is going to vary substantially from player to player, so probably best to leave that out.

I imagine the calculator would produce a “maximum” amount of time given current number/level of farms, as well as food/experience banked. Unlike the work that you have done, this would be a guideline rather than a precise figure.

Well, I can’t promise “pretty” - but this is something I will take on with enthusiasm, we’ll see how it comes out!

Once we have a finished product, this should not be an issue - and no need to download(unless somebody wants to, then sure) - just allow edits without saving so people can use the tool online.

Another option to consider would be an HTML version, something that doesn’t require any familiarity with spreadsheets, just utilizing drop-down menus, etc.

I could handle the coding, then we would just need a blogspot or wordpress page(something to that effect) to host it. I think this could make it more accessible.

:laughing: If nothing else this confirms that the idea is sound, and something others might find useful!

It doesn’t look like you misread the sheet - and the figures from the 5* table are obviously not accurate, however I am unable to input data on the sheet, so I can’t test any formulas he may have used to calculate final food cost.

I think Elkanen is the right choice here - I’m confident that the sheet you have in it’s current state will give you a very accurate figure for food and XP required. :slight_smile:

This is a perfect example of why I wanted to preface the “guide” on the fact that individual priorities define the best way of approaching the game, whether in regard to how to level (same color, different color, 10x, 1x, etc.,) and who to level.

Generally, I am still levelling one hero at a time using all colors, but I am saving trainer heroes now until higher ascenscion levels, otherwise personally this approach is still in line with my priorities.

In any case, I am hoping to have some hands-on time with your spreadsheet over the weekend. I will reach out to you if I have any questions!

Thanks again,
:slight_smile: Tima


Nice work. I still have my .xlsm spreadsheet available to anyone who would like it - it did not port to google docs well. docs.google.com

Emipres Experience Table

Sheet1 Start Level, 1, Input data in blue, Be sure to enable macros Assume Different color heros, End Level, 10 Asc Start, 1 Asc End, 1 Star, 1, Red Output Generic, 324, 6, 5 Calculated Exp Needed to go from Start to End Level, 1, 627, Use…


I looked at your work in some depth. Nice work (and elegant). I am no mathlete but I originally took a run at determining a best fit curve for the polynomial equation. Following a YouTube video using excel to to solve. I got close but it was best fit not exact. While absolutely inelegant it is possible to create a complete list of experience for each level using addition. Once that is created and verified there is no need to go back to the calculation. With one long lookup table, we can easily determine start, end and delta for both experience and food.

By using only lookups the spreadsheet should transfer seamlessly between excel, google docs and sheets on iPad. (Some of us find VB code somewhat daunting).


I’m adding a link to an editable version of google doc spreadsheet if you want to try it out. I suggest that you save a copy rather that editing the original (I could use some input on the best way to share)

Excel version:


A couple of things to note:

TOP SECTION: this section is the amount of recruits, food and experience you haven in the “bank”.
First fill in column Type (TC11 would be extra low cost, use TC0 if you haven’t built it yet)
Second fill in count and heroes trained. Count is the number of heroes queued for training and heroes trained is the completed but uncollected heroes. The queue count calculates the recruits and food stored. They can be removed from the queue and return the resources. The hero’s trained calculates the experience Banked column.
Third fill in your inventory of materials swords, backpacks and clothes. (I typically leave swords at zero because the recruit cost is so high). I may add some in when I plan to level if I have a recruit surplus. Keep in mind that you need recruits to store food in TC20 or TC13. So you may want to maintain a healthy number of recruits.
Fourth fill in your food inventory.
Finally the experience banked column will give you your “potential” experience. However, you may not have the resources to convert all of those sword, backpacks and clothes to experience. Look to row 17 “Surplus (deficit) to convert all.

MIDDLE SECTION: this section helps you gauge what it will cost to achieve a specified level from the heroes current level. The experience estimate should be very accurate. However, the food column can vary widely based on the combination of 1* 2* 3* and trainer heroes you use. I modeled leveling a 5* hero from 5.1.1 to 5.4.80 using all 1* heroes it cost about 22 million food. I ran the model again this time using all 2* heroes and it cost about 12 million. Somewhere between those numbers is the actual food cost. Independent of the model I recorded my actual food costs to level Joon to level 80 it was 16 million. To accommodate this variance I added a cell (B19) called “EST 1* Factor” that estimates the mix of 1* two star heroes. For my Joon test it worked out to 70%. You can adjust it up if you feel you have a higher mix of 1* or down for a higher mix of 2*.

Look back a few posts to see how I planned my leveling for Elk.


Hiya @WinkWink, sorry it’s been so long in terms of follow up.

I’m afraid I haven’t had much time to play with the spreadsheet, I’ve dabbled, but nothing substantial to contribute as of yet.

It looks like I should have some time over the weekend.

If nothing else I will review the updated version on Google Docs in the morning!

Thanks again,
:slightly_smiling_face: Tima


No worries. It’s doing pretty much exactly what I planned.



I guess there is no interest in taking this any further?


No, I still love the prjoect, I’ve just been busier lately, haven’t really accomplished anything. I have this idea that I want to play with, just haven’t made time. :slightly_frowning_face:

I will follow up with you once I have something, but I wouldn’t be confident making an estimate on when, November ~ January is the busiest time of year for me.

No doubt I am still thankful for the work you have done!




In the mean time would you be opposed to me starting a new thread just for the tool referencing the threads that helped me get here.

…and possibly a second thread to vet the food calculation.

Perhaps better yet recommend a veteran to look at it with me?


Of course I wouldn’t mind! You’ve put in hard work to get this far, don’t let me hold you up! :slight_smile:

Besides, putting it in another thread will help people find it - the easier it is to find, the more people it will reach and help!

Also a good idea. :slightly_smiling_face: As far as recommending someone to look over the details, I’ll have to get back to you on that one, but perhaps @thrashina could be of assistance.

Thanks again for creating the calculator - I really do think it’s a valuable tool!



Hey Tima,
I have begun using your strategy. Well, when I say begun, I mean upgrading the buildings to get there! It takes up an enormous amount of resources - iron, to get to 11 where I currently sit. I’m thinkng of sticking to two TCs as I would like to get one to level 20 but guessing the upgrade will be millions in iron!

That aside, I like your logic and currently have a steady flow of feeder heroes.


Wow Tima! You’ve certainly expanded well beyond your original questions. I’m looking forward to see yours and Winks finished charts for leveling costs :slightly_smiling_face:
My input ran dry on this thread some time ago but I have been following your progress. :grin:


Wink/Tima, The two of your are awesome!! I’m finally at a stage where all your work may help me prepare to speed build a new 5*.

Thank You!!! Thank You!! Thank You!!