About our heroes maxing up

I copied this little window or box to ask if by checking its rate can you determine how soon our heroes will level up…Capture%20_2019-07-10-18-37-48-1
Really curious…is it?

The XP level bar increases as you feed your Hero.

So yes, you can check leveling progress from that, if that’s what you’re asking.

Can you say more about what your question is?

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That is what I am asking. Feeding them 1 or 2* is mostly for lower level like 3* but for 4 n 5 the higher the better? And as I watch this bar of numbers I look at the (+) beside them and wonder at those in particular. What are they really saying?

The amount of XP per feeder is based on the stars of the feeder, and whether the color matches the Hero you’re feeding.

The bar will go up and they’ll level accordingly.

If you want to see the full XP required for a Hero, these charts show them:

There’s also a useful calculator here:

Does that answer what you’re asking?


Most definitely! I am quite new to the community and forum. I will zoom in so I can have a better read. Thank you!


You’re welcome, glad that helps! :slight_smile:

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