[Repost, Training Camps] Recruit training - common training ( RT01 ) to Legendary training ( RT20 ) - Advice, Stats, and Math


In a funny bit of backstory, I have NEVER used swords on any Empires account ( see notes ).

I misunderstood how training camps work with my first Empires account until Stronghold level 5. So I skipped straight to Low cost training ( RT04 - no ascension items).

With my other accounts, I always skip Common ( RT01 ) - I do not even research it.

Advanced House

Until Advanced House Level 10 ( see notes), I never used kits / backpacks because Hero XP per recruit is better for Extra low cost ( RT11 ) and Extra Fast ( RT19 ) and recruits was the largest bottle neck.


Now it is a play style issue.

My biggest bottle neck is RNG paywalls so I have a hoard of 7,112x finished heroes in Extra fast ( RT11 - 3x camps ).

Other players use swords with the idea

This is only a game
There will always be more recruits and food


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Using swords

Okay, I have technical used swords for research purposes, but “I have ONLY used swords for research purposes” does not sound as cool

Game Meta - Advanced House

[Math, Farming] Kit/ backpacks per day versus Advanced House Level 9 [More math, Math Apocalypse]

Game Meta - Before Advanced House

Yearly food budget

[Play style] Yearly budget of Food, Recruits and world energy when running Legendary training, 2x Extra low cost and switching between Extra low cost and Extra fast

Recruit bottle neck

ARCHIVED Before Advanced House 9 and Atlantis Rising, Uncommon training versus Extra fast training