[Discussion] Using item Hoards, Rugged clothes and Adventurer's kits, to level 3* / 4* / 5* heroes

Elf needs food badly

If you are working on 5* heroes, very often food will be a problem.

5* heroes require so much food per Hero XP. Uncommon ( RT02 ), Common ( RT01 ) and Extra fast ( RT19 ) produce so much Hero XP per hour compared to Extra low cost ( RT11)( see notes ). Very often the combination outpaces the farms’ production ( see notes).

Farms are geared for 3* / 4* heroes.

3* heroes

75% of your hero loot drops will always be 1* heroes. 50% of your Extra low cost ( RT11), and Uncommon ( RT02 ), will be 1* heroes.

In your situation, these are an excellent source of 1* heroes to level 3* heroes.

Swords versus Rugged clothes

1* heroes give so little Hero XP, I recommend the following.

Extra low cost ( RT11), and Uncommon ( RT02 ) when possible.

Common ( RT01 ), and Extra fast ( RT19 ), when out of troops to level, class nodes to activate, battle items to create ( see notes ). With the Advanced House, and Atlantis Rising, which is better is very complex. Because you cannot turn swords into rugged clothes, and vice versus, eventually you will run out of one and start using the other. Pick whichever you find the most fun.

Unfortunately you can not just create 2* heroes at a reasonable cost in ascension items, recruits, food and time.

Extra FAST training

At 10800 XP per hour, Rugged clothes are useful for off color, 1 day, power leveling a hero.

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Hero XP per hour

Extra fast from food hoards
([Math, Notes] Food remaining from Extra Fast training ( RT19 ) when hoarding food in Guaranteed Rare, Elite or Legendary ( Answer 22k+ ) [ More Math ])

Pre Stronghold 21

Battle items
(Hoarding battle items - #7 by Gryphonknight)