[Discussion] Using item Hoards, Rugged clothes and Adventurer's kits, to level 3* / 4* / 5* heroes

[Discussion] Using item Hoards, Rugged clothes and Adventurer’s kits, to level 3* / 4* / 5* heroes


I used to have a hoard of 6k+ kits/ backpacks and 7k+ Rugged clothes. With Advanced House Level 9, and Atlantis rising, food is now a bigger concern than recruits. So I am now using Uncommon training ( RT2 ) and Extra fast training ( RT19 )

Due to the weird way Hero XP works, camps and loot drops, there is not a perfect way to level.

3* Heroes

For leveling 3* 1.1 to 3* 3.50, using Extra fast training ( RT19, Rugged clothes ) appears to be the best use of resources ( food, recruits, Rugged clothes ).

The increase in food used in leveling is 1 m food instead of 0.69 m food ( rough ratio ).

This also lets you save kits/ backpacks for 4* / 5* heroes.

Unfortunately, players usually unlock Extra low cost training ( RT19 ) after they have most of their 3* teams finished.

4* Heroes

For leveling 4* 1.1 to 4* 4.70, using Extra fast training ( RT19, Rugged clothes ) OR Uncommon ( RT02, kits/ backpacks ) appears to be viable strategy.

The food used in leveling is 5.8 m food ( RT19 ) versus 4 m food ( RT02 )(rough ratio ).

4* Heroes are the backbone of Empires. Unfortunately you will eventually run out of 4* heroes to level since 5* Heroes are where the game studio makes money.

5* Heroes

For leveling 5* 1.1 to 5* 4.70, using Uncommon ( RT02, kits/ backpacks ) appears to be the best use of resources ( food, recruits, kits/ backpacks ).

The savings in food used in leveling is 15.3 m food ( RT02 ) versus 22 m food ( RT19 ) or a savings of ‭6.7‬ m food or 1.5x 4* 4.70 heroes or 9.7x 3* 3.50 heroes ( rough ratio ).

For players who wish to level a 5* hero using both, one strategy is to use Extra fast ( RT19 ) until you are 50% to max level, then switch to Uncommon ( RT02 ).

Use Extra fast training ( RT19 )

5* 1.1 to 1.25
5* 2.1 to 2.30
5* 3.1 to 3.35
5* 4.1 to 4.40

This works because food for level 1 is very roughly half of food for max level.

As @BarryWuzHere points out below, these numbers are not actual but for illustrating the food costs.

5* 2.1 food is very roughly half of 5* 2.60
5* 3.1 food is very roughly half of 5* 3.70

5* Heroes are where the game studio makes money.


Click for notes

Loot drops

Click for actual food formula

5* minimum
5000 + 0 = 5,000

5* maximum
5000 + 6800 = ‭11,800‬



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Thanks for this post @Gryphonknight. I recently began working on my 5* in earnest, with the occasional missing 4* (yup finally pullled both Wilbur and Proteus). Food is my biggest roadblock, especially after AR ends. I have 2 weeks of RT2, using RT11 for storage ( 221 days) and RT20 (only about 25days). I’m also running RT01 with my recent glut of practice swords.

Would it make more sense to use RT19 instead of RT01, these are feeders for neglected 3*?

Elf needs food badly

If you are working on 5* heroes, very often food will be a problem.

5* heroes require so much food per Hero XP. Uncommon ( RT02 ), Common ( RT01 ) and Extra fast ( RT19 ) produce so much Hero XP per hour compared to Extra low cost ( RT11)( see notes ). Very often the combination outpaces the farms’ production ( see notes).

Farms are geared for 3* / 4* heroes.

3* heroes

75% of your hero loot drops will always be 1* heroes. 50% of your Extra low cost ( RT11), and Uncommon ( RT02 ), will be 1* heroes.

In your situation, these are an excellent source of 1* heroes to level 3* heroes.

Swords versus Rugged clothes

1* heroes give so little Hero XP, I recommend the following.

Extra low cost ( RT11), and Uncommon ( RT02 ) when possible.

Common ( RT01 ), and Extra fast ( RT19 ), when out of troops to level, class nodes to activate, battle items to create ( see notes ). With the Advanced House, and Atlantis Rising, which is better is very complex. Because you cannot turn swords into rugged clothes, and vice versus, eventually you will run out of one and start using the other. Pick whichever you find the most fun.

Unfortunately you can not just create 2* heroes at a reasonable cost in ascension items, recruits, food and time.

Extra FAST training

At 10800 XP per hour, Rugged clothes are useful for off color, 1 day, power leveling a hero.

CONGRATULATIONS :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Click for notes

Hero XP per hour

Extra fast from food hoards
([Math, Notes] Food remaining from Extra Fast training ( RT19 ) when hoarding food in Guaranteed Rare, Elite or Legendary ( Answer 22k+ ) [ More Math ])

Pre Stronghold 21

Battle items
(Hoarding battle items)



Thank you @Gryphonknight, appreciate the help!

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Wow are you a mathematician or something?

Tks for the extremely useful info!


A GENIUS mathematician!!

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To see what your food storage in TC20 will allow. Using 1000 rugged clothes to queue up 1000 1* feeders in TC19 will deplete about 40 days from TC20. For the range of cases you’re likely to use that hoard of 1* feeders, you’ll deplete TC20 another 20 to 40 days for the training food.

My math / data results in a similar strategy, but the but food cost per hero doesn’t double at max best I can tell … it increases at a constant rate with each level (unaffected by ascension tier, and proportionally for any number of stars from 1 to 5), and is EXACTLY double whatever it was at level 1 by level 51.

A 5* costs 5kham per feeder at 1/1, 2/1, 3/1, and 4/1 … and 10kham at 2/51, 3/51, and 4/51. (Tier 1 maxes at 50 and cannot be leveled while waiting on ascension so last possible feeding is at 1/49 which costs 9.8kham, I believe)

Note that the cost for an individual hero being fed is unchanged by ascension tier but the XP required to level goes up in each tier so the total ham cost goes up too.


Correct. It’s a linear increase across all heroes, but the slope and initial value differ across rarities. For reference, 5*s start at 5k per feeder and increase by 100 per level. So food cost per feeder = 5000 + 100([hero level] - 1)

For 4* = 3000 + 60([hero level] - 1)
For 3* = 2100 + 42([hero level] - 1)

Yes, the amounts differ by rarity but 4* and 5* both have doubled the initial cost at level 51. (I think 1, 2, and 3* would extrapolate to do the same but they max out before level 51 so it isn’t confirmable, even tho I’m pretty sure the formula would do that in all rarities.

Right, another way of writing the generic formula would be:
[Initial food] + ([Initial food]/50)([hero level] - 1)

At level 51, the fifties would cancel out, and we’d have [Initial food] + [Initial food]

I know I’m not giving you any new information, I just wanted to confirm what you said to remove any doubt.

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I agree

Per original post

Maybe this wording work better?

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