ARCHIVED Before Advanced House 9 and Atlantis Rising, Uncommon training versus Extra fast training

ARCHIVED Before Advanced House 9 and Atlantis Rising, Uncommon training versus Extra fast training

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[Play style, Math] Why I skip Uncommon training and use Extra low cost and Extra fast training [More math, Math Apocalypse]

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Hero XP

I skip common training and uncommon training.

This is a personal choice. I prefer to use my Hero XP as efficiently as possible.

Twice I have made an exception for incredibly powerful 4* heroes.

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Storing recruits and food

Since you can store recruits and food in Legendary training, I store recruits and food in Legendary training until I have enough Rugged Clothes ( see below )

Lost Hero XP

If you use off color, 1 day, power leveling of ten 5* heroes, you lose 589,331 or roughly every five heroes you power level, costs you one hero using same color leveling.

For every ten 5* heroes you level using Uncommon training, you lose 1,178,663 versus Extra fast. It costs you 3.3x 5* hero using Extra fast training.

So If you use off color, 1 day, power leveling of ten 5* heroes using Uncommon training, it costs you six 5* Heroes using same color, Extra fast training.


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Switch from Low Cost to Extra Low Cost when you unlock training camp 11.

List of incredibly powerful 4* Heroes

Wu Kong ( very early summons, same color leveled )
Rigard ( early summons, same color leveled )
Proteus ( off color, 1 day, power leveled )
Wilbur ( off color, 1 day, power leveled )

Skipping Common training

On my first account, I actually skipped Common training because I did not understand that training camps generated Hero XP. On my subsequent accounts I skip researching Common and Uncommon training and only use Low cost training.


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( 1 - ( 1 / 1.2 ) ) * 10 * 353,599 = 589,331

( 1 - ( 1 / 1.5 ) ) * 10 * 353,599 = 1,178,663




But the penalty for that is time to level a hero. If you want to level quickly running Tc 1 and 2 is they way to go. Like many things, its a trade off of one efficiency for another.


I think it’s mostly a question of what you’re trying to optimize. Since I’m still doing gate pulls, running TC20 is pretty resource-inefficient for me.

As a result, I’m never food or recruit limited, which means that I get more HXP per hour by running TC1 and TC2 when the mats become available.


Using 3* Heroes for levels 60 to 80 seems to save significant food when leveling heroes ( see notes ).

So running guaranteed rare would allow you to store recruits and food for Extra fast training and save food when leveling.


Indeed. If optimizing food use is your objective, your strategy seems sound.

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Needing food and recruits

I lot of people seem to complain about lack of food and recruits.

Running Common and Uncommon training would significantly increase their daily food usage and daily recruit usage versus Extra low cost and Extra fast.

It is actually quite an interesting problem with no single correct answer.

Needing 3* / 4* / 5* heroes

Personally, I am never out of food, because I lack 5* heroes and 4* troops. Additionally I have never needed to use any training except 3x Extra low cost training to level my roster because of my lack of specialty 3* / 4* heroes. I am sitting on Rugged Clothes x5,710 and Adventurer’s Kit ( backpack ) x4,476.


I am hoarding Hero XP, and recruits hoping Hero Academy, and later trading, allow me to get another 5* healer to go with Vivica 5* 3.70. Preferably a rainbow team of 5* Healers to go with my roster of 5* 1.1 heroes.

If I ever get Alberich, Mother North, Delilah, or Ariel, then I will use all my hoarded Hero XP, all my hoarded Rugged Clothes.

Maybe, just maybe, even use Adventure’s Kits ( backpacks ) to level Ariel.

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So… for someone who has constantly been out of rugged clothes, I run TC11 perpetually. then, once i have backpacks/clothes I stop tc11 in favor of TC2 & tc19.

From what I see here, you are saying (if I understand) To bank/save food with rare training & using rares as feeders.

I’m not a terribly impatient person, but this seems like you have presented a strategy for someone who already has a fairly deep bench rather than someone who is just starting out, would you agree?

Accidental Hoarder

It depends on if you do summons ( see below ).

I have used the above strategy, by accident, since I started Empires since I did not initially know train camps created Hero XP. When I did find out, I also found out about Legendary training, so I immediately raced to Legendary training, while hoarding recruits.

Current game

If VIP pass had existed, and Atlantis summons, and if someone had told me about training camps, I might have used a different strategy.

VIP Pass, Challenge event gem deal and Atlantis summons gem deal, are three of the best ways to get summons in the game ( see notes )

Building a roster

I strongly recommend starting with a low rarity, wide bench ( see notes ).

1x to 2x rainbow 3* 3.50 teams,
2x to 4x rainbow 4* 3.60 teams, and
1x to 2x rainbow 4* 4.70 teams

This does not require a lot of Hero XP ( see notes )

Lots of summons

But I know some people who spend a lot of money on summons ( 30- 90 per Challenge event ) and use their 3* summons for Hero XP for their 4* heroes.

If you can buy your way past Legendary training and 3* heroes, you can run the game completely on a level 17 Forge, the rumored Hunter’s Loge, 4* 3.60 heroes and 4*+15 heroes.


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Yes, that is what I was saying, but put another way.
Right now the only things I’m short of is WE, I got food I can generate a ton of heroes if I can use most of my WE for farming. So my only constraints are time and WE. So I optimize for time, but even when food was an issue, I still prioritized time as much as possible. This game is all about leveling heroes.

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I saw the math and I was dazzled . I like numbers but the reading and trying to make logic of all the numbers left me a little dazzled

But the end result is I know why u use what you use for leveling , and I like it!.:chestnut:
+1 to u


When you get above level 36ish and you have always had second builder so every building is at lvl 20, you will NEVER be short on food. I go for days without pulling any food from my farms. I am constantly leveling hero’s also. For training camps, I run 3 Extra Low Cost all the time. The 4th I switch between common, uncommon, and extra fast when I have the materials to run them. In between I usually run the 4th at Extra Low Cost for about 2 days while I accrue more materials. I use about 90-95% of all my WE flags (sleep). I could get more food by using my raid flags, but I only use those to fill chest. And I also level my troops as much as possible and don’t have any feeder troops for 4 of the colors. (I am missing 4* ICE mana troops and am saving all blue troops for if I ever get it.)

Yes… I love Extra Fast, but I quickly burned through all my Rugged Clothes. So now, since I’m still lacking any Red or Yellow 5* heroes, I run 2x TC20 constantly (currently with 55 days queued each), and then just dump everything into 2x TC11… and switch one of the TC11 to run TC19 or TC2 as sufficient materials become available to run a decent-sized batch at a time.

Perhaps my mistake was quickly burning through my Rugged Clothes? Is that the idea, to NOT have done that, and have a huge stockpile available for when I need to quickly level something? Oh well… bridge = burned! :slight_smile:

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Using low cost instead of extra low cost or uncommon. Math apocalypse indeed.

Matching food production

Sounds like an awesome decision.

Extra Low cost uses very little food. Extra fast uses lots of food.

You actually want to use your Rugged Clothes as soon as you can so the food production from your farms is used up. If you only run Extra low cost, your food builds up. You can store food in guaranteed rare, elite and legendary training, but the food is consumed over time.


Stock piles usually happen because you are saving for a particular hero ( even after $250+ USD, where are you 5* healers? ), do not have the necessary ascension items, do not have fun heroes or do not have heroes that will help you get emblems, non farmable ascension items or Atlantis coins.

Spend money to make money

If you have a hero that will help you get emblems, non farmable ascension items, or Atlantis coins, then you should level them.

When I summoned Wilbur, I used everything I had to get him to 4*+1 ( Wu Kong and Wilbur are both monks, dang it ).

Fun heroes

If you have a fun hero, then you should level them.

I love minions.

As soon as I got Rudolph I immediately started to level Rudolph even though I did not need a red 3* hero ( no 3* Tourneys at the time ).

From rumors, green 3* Muggy sounds fun.

If I get Muggy, I will immediately start to level Muggy even though I do not need a green 3* hero ( sorry Skittleskull ).

Gryphonkit, has lots of fun with Cheshire Cat.

If I get Cheshire Cat, I will immediately start leveling Cheshire Cat. Or not. My list of purple 4* heroes to level is insanely long.

Rare tier challenge events

Before the change to skill roll for max tier, max level heroes, 3* heroes could be hard to get 8/8 special skill. So you might stockpile Rugged Clothes to help level a 3* hero. Which sucked. It took forever to unlock Extra fast training.

With the new version of skill rolls, 2* heroes are more desirable. At max tier, max level, 3* hero using five, same color, 2* heroes = +100% skill roll.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Devs. I know you did it because of emblems. But best quality of life improvement you made in the game after locking heroes and troops.

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With Advanced House level 9, and Atlantis Rising, making food more rare than recruits, this post is significantly outdated.

Please lock this topic.

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All set, thanks for the heads up! :heart_decoration:

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