Red defender - Costume Azlar or Marjana

So this is my planned project for defense (war and raids)


All will be maxed and emblemed (Not yet there, working on it and waiting for Mats), but I need to make a decision about the red member (do not have rings for both now).

Marjana is fast and likely to hit very often with the arrangement but Costume Azlar with the paladin class, emblems from the barbarian Azlar and non dispellable burn is tempting- if fires, looks game over.

If Marjana is chosen likely the barbarian emblems would go to Atomos.

Other 5 stars for info (in case any alfernative to the above may be possible)- Sartana, Sargasso, Costume Richard, Rafaelle, Misandra, Atomos, Kadilen, Horghall, Vivica. Got a Costume Richard maxed and planning to put emblems on who could be considered (and doing a good work while maxing Seshat)


I would max marjana

Costume azlar May be decent in defense behind telluria, but marjana is overall more useful and still good in defense

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See: Forum ToS of my reply

Agree with Rigs plus it benefits that you won’t have any competing emblem candidates on your defense with Marjana being a rogue.

I was very interested in costumed Azlar but last I played the game slow heroes were not adequately compensated in damage to outweigh the benefits of faster mana speed heroes (pretty sure nothing has changed in my monthish away from the game).


When are you comin back?

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No definite date for the game…

…I toured some alliances (including Crew Rabid-Wardogz who I did 1 mid-week or weekend war with)…but settled down in my own retirement alliance and do no content except gather iron to build out hero academy…but I am going to try and set personal goals to tip toe back into the game and see if I can replenish some passion for it again…

Forums…I’m gonna try and be my usual shenanigan self as of today…just limits on how frequently I check it.

On topic: wish you luck @Raider76 and hope you enjoy a maxed Marjana…


Well that’s better news than it could have been

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Thanks for the inputs!

I will go for Marjana then.

Regarding barbarian emblems I guess it will be more effective to distribute among several heroes (including Grimm, who is now with them) than just focusing on one right? Or you still see some benefit allocating them to one hero?