Red 5* Marjana vs Grazul

Hi. Title basically sums it up… i have enough rings to ascend only 1 red to final tier. Which is a better red? Have them both at 3/70 to try them out, leaning towards marjana as grazul i think is too advanced for me.

My current rainbow team is
Wu kong
(All emblemed)

Other 4* that i have that are at 4/70 are:

Thanks in advance for any help.


Marjana is a great first 5* red. Grazul is really powerful, but has a very specific role and needs to be there in support of other heroes who are doing the heavy lifting (that is, killing the opponent). Marjana is much more straight forward and you won’t regret maxing her.


Thanks, what do you think would be the best rainbow team considering putting marjana in my team?

Wu kong - magni - melendor - marjana - sabina?
Wu kong - magni - melendor - marjana - tibertus?
Wu kong - magni - caedmon - marjana - sabina?

I definitely prefer at least 1 healer here.

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I would put Marjana in the tank spot. She is a sniper, but she is quite solid, far more so than Melendor or Caedmon, and she punishes the attacker for dumping tiles into her.

I personally don’t like Wu on defense very much and would consider using Chao instead. This is especially true in your case since nearly all your hitters are snipers, so there is a good chance of their specials whiffing completely. Of course, if their specials hit with the buff from Wu then they are probably killing somebody.

So, if you want Wu in your lineup I’d suggest Wu, Tiburtus, Marjana, Magni, Melendor. Wu, Sabina, and Melendor are all quite fragil, so I’d prefer to hide them on the wings, but that means somebody has to be more exposed if you bring all three. If you decide to go with Chao instead you could go Sabina, Chao, Marjana, Magni, Melendor. If Sabina is emblemed up enough and is a bit more tanky then you could put her in the Tiburtus spot in the first lineup too, although Tiburtus will work well with Marjana and Magni.


Response above me seems to hit the nail on the head. Grazul will benefit you at 3.70, so maxing marjana is a good choice


Thanks for the inputs, i really hadnt realized the benefit of where the heroes should be placed to “hide” the weaker ones on the side.


I am in a similar situation with Marjana, Grazul, or Santa, and Arthur or Magni. Those are the only 5* I have.

I’m leaning towards Marjana and Magni first.

Great post.


Ranger, I just pulled Santa myself and from reading the boards a lot of people think he is really good tank. If that is what you are looking for. Depends what you are looking for.

However, to answer the OP I have Grazul fully maxed with 9 talents and Marjana at 3/70. I went with Grazul first due to basically not having a 5 star healer and 4 snipers. At the time my only other 5 star red was Azlar and he was my 1st 5 star and 1st fully ascended one as well. Currently i wish i saved them for marjana.

I say that because Azlar is now on my 3rd war team and only used for war and red stack.

Marjana, on the other hand seems to give me some trouble in raids, i haven’t really faced many Santa and i usual stay between 2300-2700 in trophies. I have almost 800 rogue emblems and like her dodge move and will be leveling her over Santa when i get the rings to do so.

I really love playing with Grazul and am not upset i ascended her first.

With your lineup you can use Sabina as your healer, i used her as mine until i leveled Grazul but i would level Marjana before Grazul as she will help you more until you fill up your roster with more 5 stars.


Marjana will serve you well as a tank for awhile. I have went through 200 levels of hard mode on season 2 with her as my tank. As well as her tanking my defense. With her rogue talents it further helps.


Grazul is my vote.

Her status block makes her a great hero offensively. The very fast & minor heal + durabiltiy makes her a decent flank (depending on who else you have in your roster).

That being said, either will serve you well. Sounds tho you need a yellow more than a red :stuck_out_tongue:


Guess I’m the minority… I think you should wait and max a few more 4s for depth. Not that marj and grazul aren’t awesome heroes… but dedicating resources and time to one hero when you only have 10 maxed 4/5’s… idk.


Marjana is the answer no doubt. The reason tibs would be put on lest side is because of his defense down buff. A fast lesson > Defense down of lets say 50% is well stronger and better than a 50% attack boost


I know what you mean… would want to definitely contribute more in the alliance wars. Right now i can field 2 and a half decent teams and the rest i try to win by color stacking with 3* heroes.


Thank you. I have the folliwing:
Max Rigard with costume and emblems
Max Tiburtus with emblems
Max Sabina
Max Merlin
Cyprian 3.60

Max Kiril with emblems
Max Grimm with emblems
Max Sonya with costume
Borl 3.60
Arthur 3.70
Magni 2.60 (plan to bring to 3.70)

Max Boldtusk with emblems
Max Lancelot
Grazul 3.70
Mariana 3.70
Santa (bringing to 3.70)

Max Gaderius
Max Littlejohn
Kashrek (bringing to 4.70)

Max Hu Tao
Max Chao
Chao (bringing to 4.70)

Based on what I’ve read I’m inclined to max Marjana and Magni first out of my 5*.

However it seems my blues and reds each have valuable options

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Yes you have healers you don’t need Grazul at this point to be leveled. I think marjana will be huge help for you especially if you emblem her up.

Magni will also be huge as well as you will now have 2 snipers to go with your healers and whomever else you use.

I keep reading that a costumed rigard is as close you can get as a 5 star so def use him on D team!

Otherwise i am not sure if you use rainbow teams so i am not sure who you should use.


Ignore leveling your 5 star heroes. Focus leveling, ascending and maxing 4 star heroes. This gives you war depth and variety. If you have 4 to 5 rainbow teams of 4 star heroes, then start working on your 5 star ones.


I know what you mean. I know that the alliance wars needs you to be at least 6 teams deep. Right now i can only field 2-3 decent teams. But im just so excited to finally be able to level up 5* heroes. Finally be able to push the s2 hard maps. To change up my titan assault team/raiding team. :grinning:

Oh, man. Again, level your 4 star heroes quick and fast. You’ll thank me later as you’ll be a little more efficient in your war hits and able to finish several class quests, not to mention having tons of fun playing a variety of heroes. You’ll be able to practice doing mono attacks or any other attacking elemental combo. Your alliance will thank you for the your effort. Once more, level your 4 star heroes.

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Who I would max in each color is.>> purple done…Blue if you have the items I would go with Arthur and then Magni…Red Marjana all the way, stop on Santa…Green finish Kash emblems and tank. Yellow done.

Try 5 stacking 1 color will make you have more than 2.5 teams

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