Whats going on with this game lately?

Lately I have been getting my but kicked were i should clearly win, its happening in raids and war. I can hit a team over and over and cause very little damage, then they hit me with a mediocre player and almost wipe out my player, or team, Im crying foul on SG. Ive about given up on raids because if i dont fight some around 2500 (im at 3050) I will loose even if they have only 3* players and I have 4-5*, BS i say.

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Got any screen shots or videos?


This game has a much deeper strategy than you may realize or even notice. A well thought out “lesser” team can cause great destruction on a stronger (but poorly planned) enemy team. I have had my rear handed to me on multiple occasions by enemy teams 600-800 points below mine. You learn from it (and congratulate your victor). Study up on these forums and you will get better.


It really is not bs.

Next time you raid, take a screenshot before you take first shot. Record scores or screenshot boctory/defeat frame.

No advice can help without something real to work on with you.


I totally get and understand that, but i have just noticed recently that teams i usually can defeat, im being slaughtered by. I look at team power, their heros and levels, and know which heros are my nemesis, its just weird that now i can barely beat lesser teams and will fail on close or higher teams when i was able to win or come close before. Maybe just me, i can deal with defeat but its just got frustrating.

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Cool ill do that next raid i do where i believe i should win

I can’t say the same, between my 2 accounts I pretty much beat 11 of 12 teams of relatively close team power in the last war, and I’ve been winning lots of raids. Can’t believe it’s not fair.

There is an ebb and flow. It is alot about boards.

I stack up cups beating lesser teams. Just want recruits, and hrrors when chest is open. But, there is always that time when your cell is in danger because that healer in the corner won’t die.

Perhaps those opponents have now maxed from 3/8 to 8/8 specials?

Do you individually look at each opponent’s heroes to check? :slight_smile:

This is the third time I’ve heard this from players who are not new…there maybe something going on. Video of a raid would be best…that way we can see if 6th ge damage done makes sense.

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Very weird…ya know

having same problem but thought it was bad internet connection. opposing team gets 5-6 moves to my one& same with skills-ill get hit with all 5 b4 i can fire 1off &then all mana is gone also. &my defense team is regularly beaten by teams w/much less power &fewer stars. id like to kno wat gives. found high-speed internet test online tho&i kno slow wifi is hurtin me…u might check ur upload speeds…?? idk. just hoping thats the problem cuz i can maybe fix THAT…

Heres what someone said in the alliance im in

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Example of a lose from my history, could be a 1 off but this is how its been lately.


Why are you raiding with a rainbow team? You should be doubling strong color against the tank, and bringing a dispeller


Because the board seems to fill with whatever color(s) i dont have.

That’s a common misconception. The board really is random I know, right?; you’re going to have amazing boards and horrible boards, but for some reason, the brain seem to like to remember the bad ones more. & When you’re specifically looking for the color that is missing, it tends to stick out like a sore thumb, but that’s because you’re aware those are dead tiles.

I’d highly recommend color-stacking vs the tank, it will let you take on teams that are a lot stronger than you, and you’ll have no problem with teams like the one you shared. It won’t always work, but it’s probably the best method to use in order to get out of the raid funk you’re currently in right now. It takes some getting used to, but it’s way better than rainbow (at least, I think so).

If you can’t get though the tank, it usually means you can’t win or kill too many of their heroes. If you stack against the tank, you make sure that won’t be a problem for you, and gives you a solid chance. Of course the board has to be semi in your favor, but doesn’t it always? This way strong colors do more damage, and the weak color is out of the picture (if that’s how you choose to stack).

Give it a try for a few days and see if that helps :blush:

Also, I noticed you don’t have many solid hitters on your team, that could be the reason you’re struggling too. I don’t know if these are your only heroes or not, but I’d consider getting some fast hitters with high attack stats in the works to help (if you have them).


If we both ever have multiple responses in the same thread, I’m 99% sure no one would read it lol. We both type books but i like how detailed you are. Props for that

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Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually reads what I type out… It’s always so long, but I can’t help it. I love details and specifics lol. Glad someone can appreciate it, thank you. :blush:

& I know I read your posts without skimming them, so there’s at least one person who reads em :wink:. That’s something!

This post is too short, I don’t like it. I was about to type up another paragraph about how we should team up and flood the forum with all of our words, but I’ll save you the trouble of reading it lol


Never any trouble, more details the better. Leaves less room for confusion and yes between the 2 of us it would not be hard to take over the forum lol


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