Raid issues


Before the upgrade, I would get raided 0-3 times overnight and usually not more than about 3 times during the day. Since the update yesterday, I was raided 12 times overnight, logged out for an appointment this morning, logged back in a few hours later to find I was raided 8 more times. That was 20 raids, which I Lost all but 1 for a total loss of 664 cups? What’s the deal?


Not to mention, with that many attacks you don’t even get enough raid lives to revenge all the attacks no to mention new attacks.


Your team looked more powerful than it was?


So, on the raid topic, its also the balance issue. I am getting SMASHED by players WAY UNDER my power and lineup… Example below… This guy should have been fairly eady… He took me out (he was ai) so fast


Were you the attacker or were you attacked by WildBill? I ask because if he attacked you then that may not have been the team you were facing. It’s possible that he’s stood up a wimpy defense team and uses a different powerhouse team for attacking.


Also of note, when I get raided, they get for example 48 cups, but when I revenge, it’s almost always about half of what I lost?


That’s not a bug, but rather the raid balancing system. If someone has a lot more trophies than you or team power and you win, the profits are huge. But, If someone weaker than you defeats you and takes 40 trophies but still remains under your trophy count you are most likely going to get half or less of what they stole from you even if you revenge them. This is because their accomplishment of beating you (a stronger player) is rewarded more heavily than you beating them (a weaker player).


I know quite a few players who do this. In one case the difference between their attack and defence team was more than 1,000 power points.


Some more insight into that:

I know quite a few players who do this aswell - including myself. I had a lousy 1* for my defence team and whenever I got my 40 daily kills done, I would use all my raiding energy starting a fight and then fleeing (making me lose even more trophies).

I did it because I did not have time to raid so much, therefor I needed to be certain that I get fast 5 kills every time. Keeping my trophies low with above mentioned method helped me in that.

Dont worry, now I only pick on the guys my own size. :innocent: