Ratatoskr's shield effects

What heros work well with Ratatoskr’s nature shield affecting ability? I see nothing.

Green ones on offense.
All other colors on defense.
But doesn’t really matter on def.

Green heroes don’t inherintly have green shields. How does a green hero get a green shield?


It is about the tiles from the board.

And his special is affecting only green shields/tiles attack or deff

So the green “shields” in question refer to the green tiles on the board?

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They should have used different terminology somewhere given the fact that a titanium shield has reflecting properties. Rate Titans always reflect damage from the same color. It stood to reason that a elemental shield did the same for that color. I guess not.

Green tiles on the board get buffed, either att up on att or att down on def, but only tiles, that are visible when Ratatouille will cast.

If you run mono green, a buffed green cascade could become deadly even for reds.

That’s all I run is mono teams

Tarlak and Ratatoskr work together then I assume?

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Sounds good. I just need tarlak for that.

They do…

Have a read of the Main Ratatoskr thread; all these questions have been asked & answered already…


I’d like to know if hes actually worth having as a defensive team member. I wanted to find another strong healer to flank my tank. Heres the team I was thinking about Magin–Ratatoskr–Black Knight–Kunchen–Poseidon (to keep in line with a rainbow defense). If I could get Vivica I’d replace Rata with her but I currently don’t have her (and I would also have to level her which would take a minute). Looking for thoughts on this. Thanks.

I wouldn’t use Ratatoskr defensively unless I had no other options.

I can’t see any reason to level the rat up anyways, regardless if they word his ability properly or not. I am looking for a point that isn’t there. So what? 3 or 4 max tiles get blessed? So what?

Reason 1:
Green Direct Healer. Yes there are others but not everyone has those others.

Reason 2:
Many green tiles get blessed…? There isn’t a limit on the number of tiles that get boosted… its just however many are on the Board at the time… If there are only 3/4 then more fool you for not timing the special properly… If there are 10-20 then you have a devastating combo

Most of the reasons I’m seeing are for Blue titan killing squads & usefulness in a Green-Heavy stack for raids…


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I have Lady of the Lake, but am glad to have Ratatoskr too. I’d like to get tatlak and see how that goes.

If you look at the tiles on the board, they are actually shields :wink:

Where do I find Heimdall? Did I spell that right?

Heimdall is a new Season 3 Legendary Hero.

Only way of summoning him is via the Monthly Valhalla Portal (opens on the 4th Thursday of the Month).

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