Ranvir or Poseidon

I was saving up yellow feeders to start work on Poseidon, but I just pulled Ranvir this morning. Who should I go for?

My other maxed yellows are Onatel, Leonidas (3/70), Wu Kong and Danzaburo…

I know this is old, but im sorry u didnt get any replies because im in the same situation. Started ranvir first but thinking of taking him up to 370 and giving the darts to poseidon. I have guin, joon, viv and wu leveled. Several more i havent started on yet delilah, leonidas, musashi, etc. Thinking i needed a yellow sniper and ranvir can do his job against the 7-8 titans my alliance fights now. Curious to know what you ended up doing and how it worked out for you?

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Hey! I went with Ranvir and I like him. He’s currently at 3/1 and his special is fully leveled. I haven’t used him in many arenas other than farming. Just used him for the first time in war and I got to shoot his special once, nice that it lasts 5 turns because he died pretty quickly after deploying him.

Poseidon is waiting in the wings unleveled.

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