Rainbow raid team success

After many months of using mono raid teams, I decided to use a rainbow raid team for the past 3 weeks and I am having a success rate of around 88%.
I was able to climb top 10 a few times as well with rainbow.
Would like to know if smo else have similar experience


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I really like playing rainbow because it’s much more fun to try to trigger a big cascade than try to hold them back :grin:


20 rainbows

I read @Brobb 's posts and I get his rainbow dedication. I am not changing the rainbow team according to defenses though. Same team over and over again.


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I’ve been mulling a similar shift in this thread: Raiding is Boring, Time to Make It Fun Again...help?

I haven’t made the jump yet, and my likely Rainbow team is less enthralling:

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I have just about all the heroes in the pictures but I have never had more success than 4 same color heros and 1 mana or special stop hero as long as I go 4 colors that hurt the tank the most it works out way more than rainbow or any other combo .

Interestingly it is neith’s blind that saves the day. Before I got her, rainbow was unthinkable. You need more cleanser in your rainbow Imo.

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I was debating that — I’d like to bring Rigard instead of Vivica, but losing Seshat and gaining Joon seems unideal.

I don’t have Neith or Onatel, but I do have Li Xiu +18 with a Costume Bonus…maybe that’d be a better combo to at least have a little Mana control.

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Gotto try it
20 trys

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iv got a big red one! :wink: Sorry back on topic!

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I have raided to #1 Global and over 3k cups using my Rainbow defense team for attacking. I’ve never stacked in Raiding. Here’s my current team.

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I have had some success in the past doing as you do: using a rainbow team for raiding and not changing its members. You get the following advantages:

  • You can throw all your efforts into powering up your best 4* troop of each colour, instead of spreading your resources between multiple troops.
  • You can devote all your emblems to promoting the talents of one hero in each class (while ensuring you have at least one hero of each colour).
  • Your team, if constructed with complementary heroes, has a good chance of beating any opponent.
  • No board is ever bad.

There are also disadvantages:

  • The power benefits of stacking are non-linear, so running rainbow sacrifices some power (though less then you might think, because the talents and troops of your rainbow team are higher than those of mono teams - see above).
  • Mono teams pick up some very easy wins when the mono colour comes up very heavy - or even moderately heavy. You don’t get those gift wins with a rainbow team.
  • If you’re not tailoring your team, sometimes your specials will not be ideal. Even with a complementary rainbow team, you may be omitting some heroes that give you the best chance of victory against particular opponents.

I first got to the top of the raiding leaderboard at the end of 2017 with this team:

(Back in the olden days, you could win with Chao on your team. Chao. Ha!)

A few months later I upgraded from Chao to Joon and got to the top regularly with this team:

By the middle of 2018 had I dropped Marjana for Azlar. I topped the leaderboard several times throughout 2018 with this team:

I spent most of 2019 varying my game play, fiddling around with different hero combinations and strategies (mostly 2-1-1-1 and mono, but also a bit of 3-2), trying to have more fun and not obsessing about topping the raid leaderboard. In the last few months, however, I have gravitated back to rainbow. Here’s what I run now (although I do vary it a bit to suit my opponent):

My troops range from L28 to L18.

I don’t know if I could get to the top with this team. Maybe not - I don’t play as much as I used to so my talents are not as advanced as they could be. But maybe I could. Maybe I’ll rediscover my obsession and give it a crack. :wink:


Wow that is alot of info. I agree with all analysis. I think 2017 chao team was , wait for it, legendary! :laughing:

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Good synergy here @Leonidas1

Rainbow is so much fun!

The bad boards are slow boards.
And those boards are much less common
Than the bad boards you get with mono!

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