Inconsistent Raid battles

Anyone out there having issue with how the Raids are not in your favor?

Ever been attached by a team considerably weaker than you and lose and when you take "Revenge* you lose again?

With a team power of 4178, I have Aegir, Liana, Elena, Domitia and Vivica, all with talents, yet i find myself losing to a team that is 3561 team power!

And its not just a once off thing, at any given day i will end up losing all my raids for days on end, and I can;t see any way that is justifiable. And NO, I do not expect to win every match, however it would be great to have some measure of consistency!

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If you are attacking with that team its no wonder you loose about every time. NEVER NEVER attack with a rainbow team. Attack with 3 of tanks weak color and 2 of meanest flank weak color. Or try 4-1 with tanks weak color. Try SOMETHING different.
Also the team you see that beat you might NOT be the real team that attacked you, that is ONLY their defense team.

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I’ve mixed my teams up quite a bit already, sometimes I think I am just going through a bad run.

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Why is everybody so against Rainbow raiding? I’ve broken 3k cups with a Rainbow team!

It happens periodically to me too. They’re just getting really good boards. Record for me was my 3500 team one-shotting a 4200 team in war

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I once rainbow revenge raided a team over 4400 TP with a 3600 team. I know that sounds improbable, but I swear it happened, I wish I had recorded it! Here’s how it happened: opening board was great, matched some yellow tiles for a nice combo, charging up several of my specials and leaving multiple diamond tiles on the board. Activated Wu Kong, then set off the diamonds. Whoosh whoosh whoosh, 18 combo. 4/5 of the opponent heroes were dead, the last was barely hanging on for dear life, and all my special skills were charged. The rest is history. BOOM, 59 trophies in my pocket.

That was one of those once-in-a-lifetime type events though, I think RNG was just feeling guilty for being mean to me the day before.


That’s just hilariously funny, thanks for the laugh @TGW

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If this is your defense team and this is the order of your heroes, could happen to be defeated even by weaker teams. Aegir on the wing? I really hope you just type those heroes randomly. Take some ss with your rooster, post its here and ask for advices. This is my advice.

That really honestly did happen. Some cup dropper had raided me in platinum before deciding to return to diamond. For whatever reason I decided to go for the revenge even though they were 800+ TP above me, and I won.

It’s extremely rare to get a board that good, but it does happen. I can only hope I get boards like that in my current AW (but then that’s like hoping to pull a 5* hero after saving up 300 gems, prepare to be disappointed!)

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It is entirely possible to raid rainbow and some better players on here do so all the time. When raiding rainbow it is the specials that are important. You need to get them charged to use as fast as you can. You need good synergy between your heroes (eg Grimm to def down then Lianna to finish them off). Mana control and fast mana are important. You need to have a deep understanding of your heroes and how they work together.

Stacking colours is more about the gem damage; specials add the finishing touch but it is the stacked multiplier on gems that makes stacking effective.

I tend to suck at rainbow raiding. I don’t devote the time needed to truly understand the synergies involved.

I don’t know many players who raid attack with their defense team. The requirements for each are quite different.

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I’m one of the few who does that. Mainly because I don’t want to change teams up and forget to change them back:)

That has some truth to it, to some extent, but I’d say the most important part about stacking colors is the concomitent and rapid charge of multiple special skills. The tile damage multiplier is of crucial importance during the opening moves, as it allows you to quickly kill the tank. But the real prize is charging and unleashing three or even more special skills at the same time. If rainbow raiding, SS seem to take forever to charge, as they charge individually for each color.

@Ian487 @nevarmaor @Rohn - i have random days where my team just goes to pot and decides they’ve had enough of fighting for the day and then there are days where they kick major butt, i am just frustrated with how this game decides to just “stop” working after a while.

@Scarecrow I have quite a few good guys in my arsenal however I prefer to work with my defense team because sometimes they do pull their weight.

I will post some screenshots in a bit with my list of heroes. not all fully leveled as i am concentrating on getting the 4* and 5* guys ascended, not putting that much work into the extra 3* and 4* guys because the ascension items are so far and few and its quite a schlep getting what you need without actually spending an arm and a leg just to get gems for what one needs.

This is what i have in my squad, like i said before, ascension items are making it a mission for me to level all up so i am just working on the ones i can for now. The 2 stars are just there because of the raid tourney, they’ll be gone by Saturday.

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