Rainbow ascension options

Hi guys, so I have a bunch of 4* heroes that can go to the final tier but I only have enough mats to ascend one of each colour. Most of them are at 3-60 or fairly close.

Dark: Cyprian, Ameonna, Tiburtus
Green: Melendor, Caedmon, Little John, Lianna (2-60)
Blue: Kiril, Grimm
Red: Wilbur, Gormek, Boldtusk
Yellow: Li, Chao.

What would you guys ascend first?

I’m thinking on: Tib, Caedmon, Kiril, Wilbur, Li.

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Note that Tibs and Wilbur overwrite each other for the defense debuff (also Grimm). It used to be that the ramming pulverizer trio were must haves, but Wilbur has changed that calculus. Similarly, Kiril overwrites Wilbur’s defensive buff, so just fire kiril first.

Because Wibur has the versatility he does, you could consider doing Ameonna, Melendor, Grimm, Wilbur, and Li
You’d lose the attack buff, but Wilbur’s defense debuff should cushion that blow. And Melendor’s a much better healer than Kiril (and has the dispel that you’d lose from Caed).

I’d do tiburtus, Grimm, Boldtusk, Li xiu and Caedmon as the first set.

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Wilbur is simply too good for you to consider any other red ahead of him.

Disagree. If his blue options are Grimm and Kiril, both of which will overwrite Wilbur, I’d say boldtusk and Grimm first easy. Wilbur is great but I mean I triple red stack when I raid green tanks and I bring boldtusk every time and Wilbur doesn’t usually come along at all.

Definitely don’t ascend Ameonna before Tiburtus either idk what this dude’s been smoking

I suppose that’s your choice, but it’s not a good one in my opinion.

Wilbur 1) debuffs ALL enemies’ defense by 44%, 2) buffs all allies’ defense by 63%, 3) Spirit links all enemies together and all allies together. 63% increased defense off the top on any incoming attack AND spreading it out among your team is FAR superior from a team survivability standpoint to boldtusk’s healing 28%. I’ve seen this time and again in raids - Wilbur keeps heroes with low hitpoints alive through attacks that would kill one or more without him. and before you tout Boldtusk’s 48% attack power increase - know that it basically the same as Wilbur’s 44% defense debuff.

Not saying he doesn’t need a healer - but he has Melendor for that.

This was predicated on him having Wilbur as a defense debuffer, as discussed above. If the OP is for some reason not going to bring Wilbur up, then obviously Tibs/Grimm are attractive, inferior though they are. To be fair, I don’t have any experience with Ameonna, she’s just the other purple option.

I’m not a dude, and maybe keep your editorial opinions to yourself in future.

You have lots of good options, that’s both the good news and the bad news. Because choices…you can spend a lot of time in analysis paralysis. The better news is that you would have to try pretty hard to come up with a bad combo with those heroes.

The ones you picked would work great. All the overwriting comments are correct, but ultimately fairly easy to deal with.
One thing to think on is to sub Tibs with Cryprian. Wilbur does give you the debuff and Cryp bring a whole new special to the table. He will be good through to late platinum, maybe even early diamond.

On a standalone basis I would go for Tibs every time, but when looking at the whole team, I think a different skill maybe helpful.