How did I loose this raid anyone play like this?

I play a fully leveled up 3* rainbow team over 2500, why did I loose this raid and what was the tactic being used for. I lost almost 18k in Ham for the raid and he only joined his alliance the day before.

That is his defense team not the team he uses to attack with. So I assume he is cup dropping with this defense. And raiding to fill his chest.


Every player who raids you attacks with a team that you cannot see (unless it just happens to be the same as their defense - something that is increasingly rare as you play the game longer). What you can see from the log you’ve screen shotted is each player’s defense. Their defense may imply certain things about their offense, but if your complaint is essentially that a single Rigard at 2.50 attacked your defense and beat you, that complaint is baseless.

Also, that they joined an alliance a day ago is completely irrelevant. I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say there: that they’re in some way a lesser player because they just started participating in the alliance phase of the game? You have no way of knowing anything like that. They could be a long-time member of an alliance that they just left, or they may be visiting a friend’s alliance, or they may be mercing a titan, etc. Again, this has no bearing on you losing a raid.

Lastly, I’d like to add two things:

  1. Many players, especially new-ish players express frustration about the raid system. Some of that is due to not understanding certain aspects of the system (as I think is the case here), but I have written before that I personally find many of the complaints legitimate. The raid system can be extremely frustrating until you reach a higher level and I believe that this is a serious game design flaw. So I am sympathetic to your feelings.

  2. That said, this is the reality of raids. I hate to say this because I think it will almost certainly come across as much harsher than I mean it to, but get used to it. I don’t mean that snarkily. I mean, get used to losing because it’ll happen a lot and you can do very little about it, so you may as well attempt to adjust your mindset. For example, if you continue playing, I hope you’re prepared to attack and lose some absurdly high percentage of the time against a million players, all of whom have maxed Kashhrek tanks. Ask for advice here; many will help you and if you ever tag me on a question, I will try to as well. Good luck.


Thanks for your advice, I didn’t wish to come across as complaining,I asked how and what was the tactic for, and wondered if someone had set up an alliance just for cup drop, I kinda got some of it from other posts. And I’m trying to understand how I lost when his team only had one hero and mine was way stronger, Rigard is a healer, did he just play the board And keep healing himself, I would have thought my team would have hit him in the end. I play raids and loose lots or them, I consider them training, seeing how the opposite team works or not, and trying to work out how higher level teams that beat me put their teams together And why certain combos are better than others, I have worked out I need to finish my second rainbow three team and get my Wu working, he always seems to feature in my losses :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sure but again, what you see is their defending team. There’s no way you can see the attacking team. It’s possible to have TP 4300 and set one 1* as defense.


FYI- that cup dropper is a jerk. If you are going to cup drop put 5 out there so people can atleast get 5 heros for it.


That team of one hero you are looking at, is definitely not the team that defeated your defense team.

The attacker would have used a different team; and as mentioned already, there is no way of knowing that team.

It is common in the game, players often use different attacking team than the defense team.


Agreed. I always put out 5 heroes. You know, out of respect for other players. They need to fill their chests, too. If I come across a partial team I just reroll.


That is why a lot of cup droppers set less than 5. So it acts as a filter. If you reroll you have enough food and game knowledge. If you attack, you probably have a weaker 5 hero defense.

Interesting this does not work at higher trophies since it is an easy win.

At middle trophies it can actually act as a raid shield since most attackers can afford the reroll.


For me, as I’m currently in Gold Arena, I’m not set the strongest team, but also not the weakest.
As long as it stay at Gold Arena and can fill the chests, thats enough.
But later, after I’m ready with some maxed *4 bench, I will set the strongest, and will plan to go to Platinum Arena. Thats how it work I think.

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You have 5 team slots available to you if you go to your roster window.

You can set one of those team slots as your defense, and that is the team that other people will face when they attack you.

But in the other 4 slots, you can choose whatever heroes you want from your roster to make up a team. And you can use one of those teams to attack people instead of using your defense.

So the person who attacked you didn’t use their defense team slot. Instead, they used a different team slot, and picked heroes other than just Rigard to use on attack.

You can’t see the team slot in their roster that they used to attack you though, so it’s impossible to tell what heroes they put on that team.

Here’s a video showing what I’m talking about:


Thank you all, now the light bulb has gone on, he’s not attacking me with Rigard but with his probably much stronger team. Not been playing long and still figuring out all the tactics, that’s why finding the forum has been such help and my Team as well. I’m excited, I’m just about finished my second rainbow three team and Sonia is almost fully leveled, the rest of the four team is Wu, Scarlett, Cademon and Sabrina, they are waiting In the wings to get stronger but I might start using them as my new raid team soon. Happy days to you all.


LOL welcome to cup dropping that is NOT the team that beat you. You ONLY see what they have on their defense team NOT what they attacked you with

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I btw feel that cup dropping with only one hero underestimates other players. If you want to drop cups, put there five 1* heroes so that your opponent can fill his chest with those.

I never attack single hero defences, it is a waste of flags.


Most cup droppers do NOT care if you fill your chests they only worry about theirs.


I know that. But if they want to drop cups, why make themselves undesirable targets?


They are undesirable ONLY to someone that KNOWS better. NOT a newby

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I never even thought of that. Maybe he’s doing it so no one attacks him?


Never could I agree more.



it is so unfair behaviour as you can fill your chest only with 1 hero with 1 flag consumed, it should be not allowed or punished somehow

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