Please explain how these enemies won

Been playing for a few weeks now and like the game, but my tower got raidet today about 7 hours and 1 hour by teams I can’t understand they won

The photo beneath is my team.
Cheaters I think, if not, I want to know what I am doing wrong …

The team you see as their defense team usually isn’t the team they used to attack you.

Just like you, they can stack colors and adjust teams to build a stronger team against the one you have set as your defense team.


Strange, as I took my revenge, the teams fighting were the ones as showen on the pictures. I did not have to do a lot and haven’t took a lot af damage. Lost 22 cups now on them in total.

Yes, some people put up much weaker defense teams than they use for attacking. In that way the can fill chests easier and they arent worried about keeping trophies or the better loot you csn get in higher arenas by having more trophies


Ok, got it. Thanks a lot!

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Look at my defense team

And now look at my rainbow team

I am a cup dropper since forever :wink:
Its good way to play with out stressful times.


To be a better cup dropper, you should run 5 heroes on your defense. If I came across your team I would just re-roll because I’m trying to fill chest when I raid. I never attack teams that have less than 5 hero’s because of this.


Yes Jedon, I do that as well, 5 heroes 2* will be better option to fight, with full of ham and iron, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh my dear @Jedon. I am a bit disappointed. Why not give your enemy the opportunuty to get 5 kills for their chest? Just add some more crap as unleveld 3*s or so…


Cup dropper? Whats the point of doing that? Isnt it the point to get as higher as possible for the better loot?

Well I am not an intentional cup dropper myself…the game takes care of that for me whenever I log off! :laughing:

But when your cup count is lower, you get matched with lower opponents, making it easier to fill your raid chest.

And as long as you finish the chest in the higher arena—no matter where you started it----- you’ll get the higher tier rewards.

I don’t need ppl who know that cause they are OP … I am giving a candy to newbies who know nothing :smiling_imp: niahahaha so revenge will be easier and no re-roll to safe the food.
Doing on purpose

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Not quite true … I get Darts in silver chests and get darts on diamond.
Same loots … I tried them all … and to me its just same.
Its only not good at all on bronze so I hold on Silver.

The only thing that affects loot is arena tier. E.g. from 600 to 1199 cups you are on silver arena and your chest loot will be the same as long as your number of cups between 600 and 1199. But keeping it near 600 means you get weaker enemies.

lol well yes the randomness (or conspiracy if you listen to some :scream_cat:) always comes into play. I have gotten better titan loot scoring a B or C than I have on A or A+, never know how it’s gonna shake out!

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True this look

3☆ AM on C
And nothing on A+

Loot has nothing to do with logic if there is some thing called RGN.

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The OP was answered and the are plenty of existing threads about cup dropping. Please continue any further discussion in one of those.

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