Raid tournament doubt – Do Minions Count as a Buff [No]

In my alliance some people are saying minions have same effect as buffs, so on this raids tournament summoning minions gain extra damage.

Is that true or false?

thanks for help =)

If dispel removes it then it’s a buff.
If it doesn’t remove it due to “undispellable’s effect” it’s still a buff.
If it doesn’t remove it and it isn’t “undispellable” then it isn’t a buff.

So minions are not buffs.


I didn’t tested that, but definitely minions shouldn’t be considered “buffs” and shouldn’t give +20% attack. If they do, then it’s a bug.



That table in the topic lists everything that counts as a buff. That quote is taken from Inari’s Lucky Nine buff; the chance it gives to dodge is a buff, but the minion(s) that results from dodging do not count as a buff.


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